This morning I had my glucose blood test. It’s awful. Not only do I have to fast, and not eat anything til the test, but then you torturously sit in a waiting room for two hours with limited water and no food. Did I mention that they make you drink this disgusting sugar drink that makes you want to throw up it’s so full of sugar? By far, worst blood test I’ve ever had. OK – maybe not worse than the time I felt sick for the whole day, because they took too much blood from me, but this is up there. I feel like throwing up anyways.


2012 – What do you have in store?

So – I recently started doing Pinterest, and it’s a little addictive. It’s great though, because it really inspires me to do something. Whether that’s clean my house, plan for my future or get crafty again, it inspires.

I’ve decided that I’m going to do Project Life by Becky Higgins. This is in the scrapbooking genre. It’s whatever you want it to be, on whatever level. For me personally, it will be a smashing way to document 52 weeks of life in a non-overwhelming way. It will be a project to encourage me to take photos, and actually savor the moments in life happening all around me. Most importantly, it will let me know focus on work when I’m not supposed to be.

2012 is starting off well so far. We done a couple of major things.

  1. We got iPads for Christmas and downloaded two awesome apps. Menu Planner and Mint.com
  2. Menu Planner will really ease my weekly menu planning and creating my shopping lists. All about being healthier.
  3. Mint.com is all about staying on budget and not spending money on stupid stuff that won’t amount to a more enjoyable life.

Personally, we had a pretty stellar NYE dinner with friends at 35th Street Bistro.




1. I put monosodium glutamate on my grilled cheese sandwiches. That’s right, I do add MSG to things. It’s amazing!

2. I feed my cats every morning, while I’m on the toilet. Otherwise, Wicket claws my legs until I feed him.

3. I shower quickly, because I hate being wet. There is nothing cool about being covered in water unless your a) at a water parkĀ  b) dehydrated or c) really sweaty

4. I, apparently, pick my nose in my sleep. I have yet to witness said event, so I am highly disinclined to believe my husbands stories about this.

5. I’m somewhat anal when it comes to certain things. I hate loose hairs on my pillow, or on Adam when he sheds. I clean my ears way too often. I also clean my nails a lot. I have to pick a scab. Eyeboogers must be removed even if it makes your eyes hurt.

6. I love dresses and girly things.

What are your six fun confessions?

Amazon Kindle Covers

I ordered a Kindle. I’ve wanted one forever, I just couldn’t push myself to spend the money. BUT, new job, more money and more traveling has made me believe that it is a very necessary gadget that I need.

Now, I am in the process of trying to figure out what case I want. This is a pretty tough decision. Do I want a stand? Do I want an integrated light? Do I want a sleeve vs. a case? I thought I would post some of the cases I like, but probably won’t buy.


Kate Spade



Honestly, I’m a little disappointed in the selection and I may just need to fasion my own damn case…

I was hoping that Vaja Cases made something, but alas they don’t. Not that I could afford it anyway.

Christmas Decorating

There was a flurry of Christmas going on here last night. My tiny (I call it tiny because it’s the smallest I’ve ever done) little tree is up and decorated.

There are lights on the porch and in the windows.

The mantle is set with my up and coming bottle brush tree collection.

The manger is out on the TV stand. Don’t you just love the kneeling Santa, and the snowman in the hurricane glass?

The dining room light even got some sprucing up.

I still need to finish up the front porch and hang my amazing manger scene above the couch, but we are definitely getting there…

In other news, I finished Eat, Pray, Love. To be honest, it took me about 4 months to read the stupid book. I just couldn’t get into it. I think there were interesting things I learned from reading it, but in the end it was just one person’s experience. The book was chopping and split into very small “chapters” that really didn’t make any sense. It seemed more like separating anecdotes. I probably dislike it for the same reason I don’t like to hear about peoples vacations. I always hate seeing someone after they go on vacation because I feel like all they will talk about is their recent vacation and all the stuff they did. I only tell people about my vacation experiences if I think they would be interested in that particular experience. For instance, if I visited an amazing yarn shop in Prague, and had a friend that LOVED to knit, I would probably tell them about it. BUT, part of being a good friend is listening, or so I’ve been told.