1. I put monosodium glutamate on my grilled cheese sandwiches. That’s right, I do add MSG to things. It’s amazing!

2. I feed my cats every morning, while I’m on the toilet. Otherwise, Wicket claws my legs until I feed him.

3. I shower quickly, because I hate being wet. There is nothing cool about being covered in water unless your a) at a water park  b) dehydrated or c) really sweaty

4. I, apparently, pick my nose in my sleep. I have yet to witness said event, so I am highly disinclined to believe my husbands stories about this.

5. I’m somewhat anal when it comes to certain things. I hate loose hairs on my pillow, or on Adam when he sheds. I clean my ears way too often. I also clean my nails a lot. I have to pick a scab. Eyeboogers must be removed even if it makes your eyes hurt.

6. I love dresses and girly things.

What are your six fun confessions?


For cryin’ out loud

Thanks for tagging my, Becky! (emphasizing the sarcasm while typing…ok, not really…)
1.       Name the last thing that happened that made you laugh really, really hard?

I think it was actually watching Modern Family. That Cam cracks me the fridge up!

2. Favorite baby girl name?

This is like top secret gold, so I can’t really share it here. Real Story? I have not really put effort into baby girl names because I dread the idea that I would be trusted/stuck with a baby girl…

3. Describe your perfect sandwich. The type of bread, condiments, sauces, toppings, etc.

Most that I don’t have to make myself. I like butter drenched outsides that have been grilled to perfection. Add in some smoked Gouda, crispy bacon, and turkey, maybe some mayonnaise too, and it’s golden. Can you tell that I really only eat healthy?

4. You have 3 days to live. What do you drop everything to do? Who would you see? Where would you go? And of course, what would you eat?

That’s pretty intense. The first thing I do is make a will, cause I don’t currently have one. I would go someplace that I’ve always wanted to go, maybe Ireland or Scotland, with all my favorite people (Mom, Brothers, Adam, Becky and any other friends that would be willing to come out). Spend the whole time telling stories, recording video and laughing. I would eat everything that wasn’t healthy, but delicious. Nothing gross like Haggis.

5. Favorite documentary film?

I’m going to go with Babies. I haven’t seen it, but I haven’t seen many documentaries. So, that one looks cute and like something that I could tolerate.

6. If you could live anywhere, where would you live and why?

Where wouldn’t I live? I would live everywhere silly. House in St. Barts, villa in Tuscany, Newschwanstein in Germany, Chaltet in the Alps, Cottage in Devonshire, Cabin in the Cascades, Mansion in the Philippines. If I had to stay one place, it’s still be in Seattle. But maybe I’d pick Smith Tower or west of Market Street in downtown K-town.

7. If you couldn’t have the job you have now, what would you want to do for work?

I would like to test out new hotels for the user experience so that I can give them great feedback (and travel all over). Or, spend other people’s money in some capacity.

8. What is the one blog you look forward to reading each day and why?

I, too, love Karen Russell. I also like reading Apron Thrift Girl and Oh Hello Dear

9. What would you call your personal style?

Every so slightly retro and comfortable. I would like it to be more feminine, though. I have worn make-up for five days in a row though 🙂

10. Who had the biggest influence on you growing up and why?

I refuse to answer this one…only because this is a public forum.

Tuesday List

I have full intentions of actually doing all these things today.

  1. Clean my computer screen
  2. Clean off my work table
  3. Tape off the rest of the stripe (DH)
  4. List the tote on craigslist
  5. Go through 2 magazines I need to recycle
  6. Take out recycle (DH)
  7. Inventory fridge (both)
  8. Plan out this weeks menu
  9. Change sheets
  10. Clean out 2 cubbys
  11. Pull out and take pics of some more ads
  12. Send WOW reminder

Monday Lists

Do you think that if I have an actual purpose for some of the posts I do, like Satruday Steals, or Monday lists, then maybe I can be more consistent?

I can't wait for spring, this past week has been a wonderful little taste 🙂

Segway into Monday Lists. Object: to make a list of what I’d like to accomplish in the week.

  • Finish my super cool stool
  • Recover and Scotch Guard the chairs
  • Organize Pantry
  • Go through some storage boxes
  • Move mattress to Melody’s
  • Multiple stops at Goodwill
  • Plan the weeks menu
  • Pre-pack lunches
  • Paint Nails
  • Cook
  • Eat @ the dinner table! 🙂

Yesterday we actually made some progress and got our dining table and big brown chair back into our condo. I love that chair. It’s huge, but it’s super comfy and a great reading chair! The table, oh the table. I kinda love it. It was Adam’s grandfather’s table. Grandma nad grandpa bought it in the 1970’s I think. So to me, it’s the perfect kind of table. It’s vintage, it’s got new life with the easy fabric recovering, and it has family history. The fact that it’s a real kitchen, not a mini table like our last one, it just icing on the cake! I could actually have people over for a real dinner. I think I might have ocmmitted to it with my in-laws already. Hey, they should really get to see the new seats anyway.

Today after work I’m stopping by storage to get my chair, and finish it up at home. Adam recommended trying a hair dryer to heat the plastic a little so it can stretch, I’ll try that out and see what happens. I hope to also make a stop at Goodwill/Value Village and drop off some items.

Etsy Update and general

Sorry this bad boy sold in 2 hours...

Listed some more items in the shop today. I didn’t have time to do any thrifting this weekend, so most of this stuff has been just sitting around. I have a couple more things to list tomorrow, too. Hopefully I actually get that done. But here are the other two listings for today.

My youngest bother got engaged recently, and I’ll have get to be a bridesmaid. So, I’m excited for wedding stuff. I always find it a little sad when someone gets engaged, because I’m past that point in my life. If I want to plan another wedding I have to get divorced, which I don’t want to do, for the record. However, I am elated for them, and it’s even more motivation to loose some of this friggin’ weight.

Speaking of weight. My company started a competition. Basically it’s The Biggest Loser for our employees. Top prize is $2500 and it starts tomorrow and goes until mid April. So, I signed up. I need to loose weight anyway! Unfortunately, I work for a huge company so there could be some serious competition out there. I’ll keep my fingers crossed though. Tomorrow is my first weigh in so I expect some high numbers. I bought bunches of healthy food today, so that’s a start right?

My list from last week, didn’t make a lot of progress, so I’m posting it again for this week. In my defense, I had an uber busy week.

  1. Give Wicket a bath
  2. Clean the wood floors
  3. Completely clear the kitchen counters
  4. Get Christmas stuff to storage
  5. Dusting
  6. Laundry
  7. Clean off my dresser
  8. Clean my walk-in closet

I went and tried out Bare Minerals with Marlies (future SIL). I like it and have used it the past two days. I’m going to try it out for the first week and see how it goes. I think it’s good face stuff. Still not sold on the eyeshadow and what not, but I like the face stuff. We’ll see. I told Marlies to ask me again in a month.

This is the wood case that I hope to get from Adam’s work. It’s a library file and I love it. It comes apart in the middle, so would be two pieces with three  rows of drawers.  I think it’d be great for my studio re-do.

I’m going to scrapbook this, but wanted to share here too 🙂 Adam and I keep separate toothpaste. I think the state of each tube really shows some of our key differences. My tube is obviously the pretty, non-mangled one.

That’s all for now. More later.



Small goals, rewards and tough decisions

The level of classy for this car repair shop is emphasized by the key drop.

I think a nice goal for 2010 would be to set of a list of to-dos. Not really resolutions, but little would-like to-dos. Nice things, sometimes easy things. So, lets think of some things.

  1. Clean my house more often. I love the clean feeling and calmness of a clean house.
  2. I’d like to go on a walk at least once a week. It could be through a mall, in the neighborhood or through the woods.
  3. Take a Photography class – I think I’ve already determined to take Karen Russell’s class.
  4. Sew a bag/purse.
  5. Really organize my vintage goods.
  6. Print pictures.
  7. Scrapbook more.
  8. Cook more nice dinners for my husband and continue to branch out with food.
  9. Make patchwork throw pillows for my couch.

Projects to finish:

  1. The Manger Scene: It’s been over a year, and come a long way, but still isn’t done.
  2. The golf club project. Adam doesn’t really know what this entails, but the visualization I have in my head seems really awesome. I think it will look fantastic and be a wonderful surprise for Adam.
  3. The type case tray from Ali’s idea. I have two, but don’t have plans for two.
  4. My wedding album with the Karen Russell kit.
  5. The lantern project.

A tough little decision:

We listed our condo mid 2008. We wanted to move into a house since the prices were so nice right now. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to sell the condo and took it off the market for the holidays. Now, re-evaluating in the new year, we’ve decided we are going to stay put for a couple years. We don’t have a “need” to move right now, and realistically, we could live here with a baby if we needed to. Our neighbors will be so pleased because they love us so much here. So, for now, that means going through our stuff in storage all over again, and re-organizing our home. But, that gives us more time to save and more time to simiplify. It’s a tough decision, but really the only decision we could make.

Anyway…that’s where I am at right this moment. Off to sit on the couch and try to make a flyer.