Check It

I listed a bunch of Pyrex in my shop. So check it out!

In other news, check out this lovely…it’s being redone and I can’t wait!

And this delicious food from Friday evening. Shrimp Quinoa with vegetable melange and some delicious roasted carrots with Avocado.

AND!!! I sold the frickin’ typewriter!!!


Etsy Update and general

Sorry this bad boy sold in 2 hours...

Listed some more items in the shop today. I didn’t have time to do any thrifting this weekend, so most of this stuff has been just sitting around. I have a couple more things to list tomorrow, too. Hopefully I actually get that done. But here are the other two listings for today.

My youngest bother got engaged recently, and I’ll have get to be a bridesmaid. So, I’m excited for wedding stuff. I always find it a little sad when someone gets engaged, because I’m past that point in my life. If I want to plan another wedding I have to get divorced, which I don’t want to do, for the record. However, I am elated for them, and it’s even more motivation to loose some of this friggin’ weight.

Speaking of weight. My company started a competition. Basically it’s The Biggest Loser for our employees. Top prize is $2500 and it starts tomorrow and goes until mid April. So, I signed up. I need to loose weight anyway! Unfortunately, I work for a huge company so there could be some serious competition out there. I’ll keep my fingers crossed though. Tomorrow is my first weigh in so I expect some high numbers. I bought bunches of healthy food today, so that’s a start right?

My list from last week, didn’t make a lot of progress, so I’m posting it again for this week. In my defense, I had an uber busy week.

  1. Give Wicket a bath
  2. Clean the wood floors
  3. Completely clear the kitchen counters
  4. Get Christmas stuff to storage
  5. Dusting
  6. Laundry
  7. Clean off my dresser
  8. Clean my walk-in closet

I went and tried out Bare Minerals with Marlies (future SIL). I like it and have used it the past two days. I’m going to try it out for the first week and see how it goes. I think it’s good face stuff. Still not sold on the eyeshadow and what not, but I like the face stuff. We’ll see. I told Marlies to ask me again in a month.

This is the wood case that I hope to get from Adam’s work. It’s a library file and I love it. It comes apart in the middle, so would be two pieces with three  rows of drawers.  I think it’d be great for my studio re-do.

I’m going to scrapbook this, but wanted to share here too 🙂 Adam and I keep separate toothpaste. I think the state of each tube really shows some of our key differences. My tube is obviously the pretty, non-mangled one.

That’s all for now. More later.



Cheap Thrills for ¢20

This might be a long and drawn out post, but I feel like I need to set the stage before I get to the closing credits.

So, my women’s group is doing a Tea Party in May. A real tea party, with fancy china and tea and crumpets, etc. So, I’m very excited for this. We ask ladies to volunteer to set up tables. They get to bring their own fine china and decorate the table. I am completely excited. I keep going over in my head, what china and what kind of theme I’ll want to go with. Did I mention that it isn’t until May? Well, I’m just very excited, and it’s almost solely because I love china and dinnerware and flatware and being a fancy girl for a day.

So, in all my excitement I forced Adam to endure an impromptu trip to Macy’s to look at fine china. It was glorious, because I love looking at china. The china we registered for is a modest white china, by Crate & Barrel. My flatware is very nice Reed & Barton flatware, that I still adore 100%. I love the weight, the feel, the classic lines. It will truely never go out of style. I do have a finer china set, with fancy teacups, a beverage pot and it might even be a service for 12. However, that china is from when I was about 15, not nearly grown up enough to pick out a china. I feel like sometime in my life, I am going to want a more traditional china than my plain white stuff. While we were there we wandered over to the flatware. Let me tell you, they had some fancy flatware. Some SUPER fancy silverware at $400 a setting too! Granted it was gorgeous, but I could never justify that much money on silverware. So, I thought, if I have fancy china, I would want fancier flatware to go with this fancier china.


I have a new “thing”. Incase you are unware, Adam and I have put ourselves on a budget. It makes good sense, because realistically, we need to save for a house and pay down some debt. So, all-in-all, it’s a smart plan. Fact about myself: I like to shop. I think a nice eclectic set of fancier flatware would be perfect to compliment my china, and at ¢20 a piece in thrift stores, it’s a total score. I’ve already found 4 pieces that I adore. I love the thrill of the hunt 🙂

A While Ago

IMG_5672Our power went out, and we spent the evening playing Triple Yahtzee with Yoji and Wicket. We found ourselves severely under-prepared. Thankfully, I knew that we had a flashlight, where it was and where our camping lantern (battery powered) was. I also, was clever enough to fashion these two candle holders. I’m pretty awesome.


That’s right, they’re corn kernels. Don’t worry, I’m not going to use them now. I might need candle holders again. On a side note, Adam bought those candles for me when he was in Germany at the age of 16, and just recently brought them to me from his parents house. They’ve been sitting at his parents, because he misplaced them when he got back. Good thing I can still enjoy them now 🙂

Because I needed more projects on my to-do list

Another fun weekend! We’ve been really trying to save funds, so, needless to say, we’ve been trying not to go out a whole lot. Friday, I felt like a treat though and we had both been really wanting to see Inglorious Basterds. So, we splurged, for pop-corn and everything. My take on the movie: Parts of the movie were down right hilarious, and though it dealt with a very serious subject, with a completely fictional story, Quentin did a fantastic job of weaving humor into it. For some reason, even the characteristically Tarantino parts that visually grossed me out, made me laugh. All-in-all I say this is a definite “must see” and am not disappointed that I went.

Saturday was no disappointment in my book either, though I can’t really remember what I did. Oh, that’s right, I discovered The United States of Tara and Showtime On Demand. Oh, how I’ve missed The Tudors. Six months of free Showtime is sure to be a real treat!

Also on Saturday, I picked up this sweet fabric, because Pacific Fabrics had a sale on Amy Butler (ooh la la). This will be the new fabric for my frumpy old dining room chairs, when we finally buy a house :). I might have to go get a chair from my storage, so that I can do one, cause I’m uber eager.


I also got my shiz together and baked some banana bread. Let’s say it wasn’t perfect, and what was with the kick of cinnamon, but hey, I ate it. I think the problem is routed in the fact that I made them in these giftable containers, instead of a standard bread pans.

Sunday, we had a wonderful pancake breakfast at Church and then followed up by Doing The Puyallup. It was a good time, and a tiring time. Aside from spending some time crunched up in the middle back seat of a Volvo, I had fun. I had a terrible headache when I got home though, so promptly went to bed.

Wowza – I like that word

This is a semi-Thanksgiving recap slash my productivity of Tuesday night.

This is my cute husband and Papa playing guitar hero. It was my pops first time.


This is Daniel’s failure of a swirled butterscotch/chocolate pie.


Me and Marlies, one photo, that I actually am okay with. I looked like a diranged cow in the others.marlies-and-asia

On to last night’s greatness!!! I was crazy amounts of productive. So productive, someone asked if I was on crack. These are pies in jars. Glorious isn’t it? The most fantastic part is that you can put the lids on, tie it up with a bow, and wala! A great gift of homemade pie for someone to enjoy.



And these are delicious Santa Lolli’s made of chocolate for someone’s stalking. So great!lollis

All in all I did several things on Tueday: 1. Made Pie in Jars 2. Made Lolli’s 3. Made another washcloth 4. Started a scarf 5. Put up my mini Christmas tree that I bought on sale last year after Christmas for $8!!. I feel like there was more, but can’t remember, cause now it’s Saturday morning. I’m going to Urban Craft Uprising with Becky this morning. We are thrilled to be going and can’t wait until 11 AM!