Perhaps some of you have heard of this little known book.  I purchased it eons ago at Costco, and had lovingly flipped through the pages drooling over the various cupcakes. My work happened to be having a Valentine’s Day bake sale today, and I was begged by several people to bake something. So, I did. I whipped out my book and carefully selected the Snickerdoodle Cupcakes. It seemed easy enough and quick enough to get done in an evening. Luckily, my trusty side kick, Adam, helped along the way. He practically made the frosting all by himself. I’m so proud to have a smart husband. He’s a lot more meticulous about cooking and baking than I ever am, so I completely trust him in the baking world.


 Adam’s amazing frosting efforts.

So, I went a little crazy at this point. I’d already dusted my dollops with cinnamon and sugar, just like a traditional Snickerdoodle cookie, but then I thought, “Hey, why not be completely crazy and make little pennants so people will know what flavor they are? Oh, and let us not forget that you would like all credit for anything you accomplish, so on the back write ‘Baked by Asia'”

Yeah, not crazy at all…

In other news, the diet is going okay. I’m down 4.1% of my body weight so far. I’m a little nervous about the weekend, and bad eating that might ensue. I have a very special VD planned. Hubby got me a gift, and I’m dying to know what’s in that box. He knows I have no patience for surprises, or fishing for that matter.


Yay for the first weekend of December!

I was invited to a lovely cookie decorating party this weekend and for the occasion I scrounged up a new cookie recipe. Oatmeal, Chocolate Chip and Pecan Cookies. These are definitely a repeat for me. I have ot say that I’d do a little less zest, a little less clove and a little more pecan. BUT, they were still lovely, I have eaten entirely too many. PLUS, I gut to use my awesome label maker on the tags. I love packaged food. I think it’s the Bee’s Knees.

I have a work party next week, so I’d like to find something cool. BUT, I might just give out an awesome label maker instead of finding something new in a thrift store. We’ll see though. I guess it really depends on what I find tomorrow 🙂

Hoping to have more to share tomorrow…peace.

Because I needed more projects on my to-do list

Another fun weekend! We’ve been really trying to save funds, so, needless to say, we’ve been trying not to go out a whole lot. Friday, I felt like a treat though and we had both been really wanting to see Inglorious Basterds. So, we splurged, for pop-corn and everything. My take on the movie: Parts of the movie were down right hilarious, and though it dealt with a very serious subject, with a completely fictional story, Quentin did a fantastic job of weaving humor into it. For some reason, even the characteristically Tarantino parts that visually grossed me out, made me laugh. All-in-all I say this is a definite “must see” and am not disappointed that I went.

Saturday was no disappointment in my book either, though I can’t really remember what I did. Oh, that’s right, I discovered The United States of Tara and Showtime On Demand. Oh, how I’ve missed The Tudors. Six months of free Showtime is sure to be a real treat!

Also on Saturday, I picked up this sweet fabric, because Pacific Fabrics had a sale on Amy Butler (ooh la la). This will be the new fabric for my frumpy old dining room chairs, when we finally buy a house :). I might have to go get a chair from my storage, so that I can do one, cause I’m uber eager.


I also got my shiz together and baked some banana bread. Let’s say it wasn’t perfect, and what was with the kick of cinnamon, but hey, I ate it. I think the problem is routed in the fact that I made them in these giftable containers, instead of a standard bread pans.

Sunday, we had a wonderful pancake breakfast at Church and then followed up by Doing The Puyallup. It was a good time, and a tiring time. Aside from spending some time crunched up in the middle back seat of a Volvo, I had fun. I had a terrible headache when I got home though, so promptly went to bed.

A Perfect Saturday Morning

Starts with clean counters and a will to bake. Bust out the KitchenAid mixer and give it a whirl. This past Saturday, was probably one of the very few times in a very long while, that I actually cleaned as I baked. What a concept.

I started with a Chocolate Guinness Cake for Jon Boy’s birthday. However, someone decided to be a do che and not answer my text asking when to deliver said cake. Therefore, my friends had to eat it after Oktoberfest. Darn, it was scrumptious and they were all grateful. Do you love how the top looks like the frothyness at the top of a fresh pint? Great huh? Well, I even died the frosting to match more of a Guinness froth, and sprinkled Castor sugar on the top to add a little sparkle, plus, it created this nice little bit of crunch when you bit/cut it and helped the frosting stay more together until devoured.

Yum Yum Frothy Goodness

Secondly, I’m currently in the hunt for an Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookie that is both delicious and Pretty. I don’t want them to get too flat, so the edges look crisp, not what I’m wanting. Anyway, these were pretty good the next day, but straight out of the oven, they were not chewy enough. I have packed the leftovers into a cute pink box to take to my craft meeting tonight. I do not need extra cookies laying around my house. Did you know I’m pushing 197!!?? Ridiculous! That’s what I have to say.


Second Day Delicious

Second Day Delicious



Oh, and Abby recommended Home Cake, which was amazing and well worth the mess that’s in there. The lady is super friendly, and super educated. I suggest you go. You can read more about it here.

Other than that, having a Stamp Camp meeting tonight, and that’s about it. 🙂