Homemade Baby Food

DSC_5856I’ve been making Beck’s baby food since he’s been eating. Lots of people have asked me about making my own baby food, so I thought I’d throw up a post about it. I think there are a couple main things to know when you venture into this:

  1. It’s super easy
  2. It’s cost effective
  3. It’s healthier – I buy organic

I make it probably once a month or so, and just do a bunch, freeze them in cubes or containers, and pull out what I need. Last night, I made a few so I’ve priced them out. He’s almost 9 months old and can probably chomp down around 8 ounces of puree a day.

Squash, Apple, Raisin – this is by far Beckett’s favorite, so I make a big batch!

  • 6 Fuji Apples – $4.89
  • 1 Butternut Squash – $3.58
  • 1 cup of Raisins – $0.64
  • Made 40 oz / Cost $0.23 per oz!!

Pumpkin, Raspberry, Banana

  • 1 Small Pumpkin – $3.26
  • 1 cup of Raspberries – $1.60 (I bought a pack of organic frozen, cause I couldn’t find fresh, darn winter!)
  • 1 Banana – $0.34
  • Made 25 oz / Cost $0.20 per oz!!

Green Beans

  • 2 – 10 oz packs of Frozen Green Beans – $5.00
  • Made 18 oz / Cost $0.28 per oz!!

DSC_5862I want to put it into perspective for you. I do keep some Earth’s Best Organic jars around, because sometimes you just need to throw a jar of food in there for convenience, travel, whatever. I just like to be prepared. One of those jars is normally $1.25 each, and they are 4 oz each. So, that’s $0.31 an ounce.  This is easy, you mostly steam or roast anything, and throw it into a blender or food processor to desired consistency. I like that because I can make them thicker as he gets older and better at chewing/eating. I freeze them in these Tevolo trays. (buy the green ones, cause they are dramatically cheaper than the other colors). These freeze into 1 ounce portions, making it super easy to portion out. I also have the pouches you see. I always fill a couple of those for convenience, instead of carting around jars. These are technically disposable, but you can rinse and reuse, just takes more effort. I also bought some Squooshi pouches, which are designed to be reusable, but haven’t actually used them yet. So, the day before, I usually plop some cubes into Wean Green glass containers and transfer to the fridge for them to thaw overnight.

I make both mixes like the squash, apple, raisin and single purees like green beans, prunes, etc. I like having some premixed, because the ratios are nice. For the single’s I usually combine them. Like the green bean, i’ll mix with a couple tablespoons of tofu and brown rice or throw some prunes into oatmeal. Generally, if I’m eating something I chop it into little (non chokeables, removing any type of skin or hard to chew bits) pieces for Beckett to eat or feed himself. He will eat anything I eat, seriously anything, at this point. He love fish, chicken, crab, sushi, risotto, pizza, anything, seriously anything. I’ll soak it up now, cause I hear that they can get picky by the time they are two.

I have the time to do this (these three took me maybe an hour, hour fifteen). I like to do this, and I feel good giving Beckett fresher baby foods. I will never regret making his food, this kid eats better than I do.


Waiting for Baby…

No pictures, I know…but I’m pregnant and have things to do.

My birth journey hasn’t been what I expected, so I just wanted to write about it.
Monday, May 6th – I had a Dr. appointment at Week 35. This is the first invasive appointment where they check you. My check up revealed that I was already 3cm dilated, 80% effaced. That means my cervix is growing preparing for baby to come down. Now, I think this is called an incompetent cervix, cause I didn’t have any contractions or anything to get me to this stage. My Dr. informed me I could have this baby any day now, and she forgot to do my Group B Strep test. I had to drive back, and give myself the test (I’m negative BTW). She said she’d be surprised if I made it two more weeks.

Tuesday, May 14th – it’s my next check up. I’m not 4cm dilated, 80% and baby is in a -1 position. She said I’m so stretchy that she could easily make me a five. So – she’s surprised I still haven’t had the baby. I’m just waiting for my water to break, or contractions to start.

Thursday, May 23 – I haven’t had any progress in the last 10 days, still at the same spot. I’m having some contractions at home, but nothing is consistent in either strength, or duration. I need good consistent contractions for this show to get on the road. We talked about scheduling an induction, and she recommended that I try acupuncture if I want to get it started. So, I had some acupuncture on the next day. There is still good strong heart beat, and baby movement, so they are not concerned at this point. Which is good news I suppose.

I have to say that I’m super frustrated, because I feel like my body isn’t reading it’s own cues. I just need something to happen. At this point, my hips are super sore, every time I get up, I keep walking around and that helps the soreness. My hips are sore all the time, I have these pulsating contractions and then everything stops. Talk about frustrating. I wish that nobody would have said 3 weeks ago that the baby would probably be early. I feel like I’ve been walking around paranoid the whole 3 weeks worried I’ll go into labor at any minute. My Dr. said that usually the hardest part is getting from 0-4 cm’s. Since I haven’t even felt it, she thinks that I’ve passed a really hard part and assures me I’m lucky.

All along my pregnancy, people say how great I look and I’ve told Adam all along, “People are liars”. I feel the same way about this. Yeah, I’m lucky, but I’m the one walking around with sore widened hips, waiting for this damn show to start. I’m totally ready for this. Bring on labor and I will get this shit done. I’ve got this!

Acupuncture was not bad, but it is about $95 out of pocket each time. He’s got me signed up for 3 sessions, so I go back on Tuesday, before my Dr. appointment. Hopefully this works, because it’s much easier/cheaper than a planned induction. I just know, that if I make it to my due date, I might kill someone. Next Dr. appointment is Tuesday afternoon. Hopefully, I get some good news. 🙂

Anniversary Weekend


They say, that sometime during the beginning of your third trimester, you should plan some down time for you and your partner. Time to clear your head, focus on baby, things you need to do, etc.

April 13th, was our 6 year wedding anniversary. Neither of us can believe it’s already been six years, but it apparently has. So, we bought some Living Social deal and spend a couple nights out in Leavenworth, which we love. We spent our honeymoon out in the woods in that area and it was fantastic. I love the woods. I love not having an agenda and just living in the moment. I love being on vacation, it’s always amazing.

We made a couple lists while we were at dinner, with things we wanted to accomplish this week and in the next few weeks. I think we made pretty good progress last night.

Knowing it’s probably the last time we’ll have a weekend together before we have a child, is a little wierd. We’re soaking up every minute of it.

Bladder Issues?

(That’s my friend and I who are 1.5 months apart in our pregnancies. She’s due in April 19, even though I look just as huge)DSC_2751I’ve been having terrible bladder problems. Meaning, I can’t make it an hour without having to go. This became beyond evident at Easter Vigil on Saturday, a 2.6 hour mass. I had to excuse myself twice and told Adam I’d leave if this baby caused me to pee my pants. God would have to understand. This leaves me very concerned for the weekend. I have to drive to Portland with my MIL for my first baby shower. I would feel more comfortable driving myself, so I don’t inconvenience others by having to stop. Such is life, though.

Here are some gorgeous pictures of my friends quilt I talked about. How beautiful is that? I’m beyond in love with it.DSC_2719DSC_2725DSC_2724DSC_2731

I cut all the pieces for our baby quilt for our beautiful baby boy scheduled to arrive on June 6th. I’ll start trying to naturally induce labor 2 weeks ahead…just kidding! (maybe). I just have to start sewing it all together, which I’m avoiding, but whatevs. I sold more stuff on eBay this weekend, netted $250, but there is still lots of cleaning out to do. I’m sad to get rid of my table in my craft room…We have a crib now, so I need it to go, though. I also have a rug I’d like to set up and give a good thorough vacuum/steam. Still haven’t decided if we’re getting a glider or not. I also want to put cute little stencils on the wall of little sailboats, or anchors or something. (In stained glass windows anchors are the symbol of hope.)

I’m super pumped with how my eBay auctions did this weekend, now I’m just eager to sell more stuff, but I have no idea how to categorize stuff.

Some other pics from the super nice Easter Weekend:DSC_2952DSC_2866 DSC_2877 DSC_2882 DSC_2887 DSC_2939

My life is SOOOO together right now

First, I lost my cable cord to download photos from my camera, I’m a tard.

At what stage do most pregnant women get sick of questions about how they are feeling? For me, it was about day two after I told people I was pregnant. It’s one of those questions that people feel obligated to ask, and I am then obligated to answer. The raw truth? I don’t feel like it’s been that bad. My hips occasionally hurt now, it feels like a brick has landed on my uterus, I get acne and eczema in the most random places that I never did before, I’ve thinned my hair out twice since being pregnant (I’m not worried about balding), my nails have always been fast growers, I HATE stairs with a crazy passion, every time I lift my leg up for one it makes me feel like I have to go to the bathroom again. Oh – and please don’t EVER stop a pregnant woman on the way to the bathroom, this could result in a serious crisis that might require a clothes change. I bet you wanted all that information. You’re welcome for the education.

Brighter news on the pregnancy front – I’m officially 10 weeks away!! That’s right, 1/4 fourth of this saga to go. That means 10 more weeks of work, 10 more weeks to get our baby room ready, 10 more weeks to sell stuff. We have a rug that I bought, I’m trying to secure a crib, but not yet successful. AND, lots of prezzies are being purchased. I’m overwhelmed by the amount of love this little one is going to have, super overwhelmed. When you’re the first grand baby on one side, the love is abundant. Especially since I have FOUR brothers that are all in serious relationships with spouses, fiances, girlfriends that love babies. Adam’s side is equally excited about the baby. It’s been a long time coming. This April we will have been married 6 years. Can’t believe we’ve been together for almost half of my life…that is a long time. If you know us, we do everything in a thoughtful manner. Some people might have felt that 6 years is a long time to wait for babies, but this is when it’s right for us, and we couldn’t be happier. Also, I spend $20 on clothes last weekend for the wee little one at thrift and consignment shops and got probably 15 items. LOVE IT! Our wonderful Aunt Pam and Uncle Joe also gave us 3 boxes of things, clothes, shoes, burp rags, all stuff we need!

Speaking of 6 years, we’ve got a two night stay out in Leavenworth planned for it. I’m very excited about it. We’ll see how my huge pregnant self handles the drive of 2.5 hours, and how often I make stops for the bathroom 🙂

I finished my friend’s quilt, her shower was last Saturday. I was absolutely in love with it and hoped to share it here, but dang cable cord! I’ll share soon, and you’ll be impressed, too!. If I were having a girl, I would have kept it, just sayin’. Last night, Adam sat with me while I planned the baby quilt for our Baby. I want to get that done in the next week. Hopefully I can work on the binding on the drive down to Portland. I hope it turns out cute, cause that would be awesome. I also have to pillow cases I need to make. I bought fillers at IKEA.

I’ve rented two lenses that arrive on Friday for my camera. Hopefully I get to play with them, and decide which one I should purchase to take great baby photos! I’m heading over to buy another cable cord this afternoon. Luckily, there is a camera shop 5 minutes away from my work, on foot.

The Pregnant Heart gets, what the Pregnant Heart wants

I’ve been starving all day – just feel like eating constantly. Not artificial eating though, I’m talking full meal eating. Needless to say, we don’t leave a lot of full meals laying around this house. Adam’s a big advocate of saving leftovers, so there were some in the fridge. I worked from home today to get a bunch of things done for some big meetings the next two days. One of my fridge foraging excursions led me into a tupperware of Hashbrown/eggs/bacon left over from maybe a week ago and another tupperware of corned beef and rice, from last night. Well, throwing them together didn’t sound like a terrible idea, so that’s exactly what happened. What was I going to do to add a little freshness to the dish? Why, throw another egg in of course. It turned out amazing! I haven’t really had any weird 3AM food cravings or anything crazy like that. Throughout I’ve gone through phases of Coconut cupcake, Egg McMuffin’s, Cereal (I’m talking good cereal, like the kind coated in sugar, like Captain Crunch and Lucky Charms), and Caramello’s. Right now, I am currently specific crave-less.

I have a really sick love of eggs. I’ll eat them with everything. Egg on a salad, egg on a burger, egg on pasta? Yes please, I’ll take them all. I could eat eggs every single day of my life, they are so versatile.

I’ve been stressing about two things lately, let’s talk about each of these a little more in depth.

  1. Work
  2. Babies – and all the things that go with them
  3. My craft stuff
  4. My health

Work – I just feel like there is tons to do lately. I’ve been able to stay under 100 emails, which would have been unheard of 6 months ago even, so that’s good. I’ve been building a global team around me, which has eased the load. Tuesday and Wednesday we have big meetings and I feel ill prepared. I’ve been working on this one big project, called an Administrative Guide, that I’m building in OneNote. It’s pretty amazing, and I’m stoked on everything I’ve got into it, but I just feel like it’s going to be torn apart when I get it in front of the client. That’s disheartening. Also, I’m leaving in 3.5 months, which means that everything has to be a nice package tied up with a bow, and ready for me to move on. A sign of a good leader is one that plans succession well, so that when they leave, the company still thrives. I intend to do everything possible to make sure this happens. But, it’s all still stressful.

Babies – Building a registry, thinking of all the things I need, blah blah blah. It’s all things I don’t want to think about. We started registering on Amazon.com. It’s going ok, but i’m sure there are going to be other things that crop up, that I just don’t want to deal with. It seems like such a hassle. We might buy a stroller tonight! We’ve been eyeying the UPPAbaby Vista, and we found a total score on Craigslist, so we’re going to look at it tonight. Seems pretty slick. When we start buying stuff, that also means we needed places to put stuff (see section 3; re: Craft Stuff). I also have several friends having babies and in particular, wanted to make one something, so I have to get that together too. Not to mention that I want my baby to have something personally made by me as well.

Craft Stuff – have I mentioned that we’re putting our baby in what I’ve called my Craft Room to date? That means shit tons of cleaning and purging. I have a LOT of craft stuff, because I’m the creative crafty type. So – I have to organize, purge, sell, donate everything that I think is now low priority, having a child. I’ll probably see if my MIL wants some stuff, but the vast majority, I’d like to sell so that I recoup some of the money I spent on all this amazing stuff. That’s stressful. I’ve been trying to do it in small chunks, but find that I’m too tired to really get anything going while I’m home. I expend all my energy at work every day. Then I get home and just want to relaxing.

My Health – it’s not terrible, so don’t get me wrong. However, I gained a substantial amount of weight in the last month, which I found out at the Dr on Friday. I’m disappointed in myself. I don’t feel like I’ve been using pregnancy like an excuse, but I have been eating whatever I can. A lot of normally healthy, great, and delicious things just don’t sound like something I want to ingest, quite honestly. It’s been rough in that aspect. Not to mention that I get tired really easy, so working out really hasn’t happened. Walking, like everyone tells you to do, hasn’t even been happening. Adam keeps offering to walk with me, but like I mentioned before, I am always just too tired. When in the hell is this second burst of energy that everyone and their mom keeps speaking of going to happen? Probably never for me!

Baby is getting more active every day. Last night he was trying to keep me from sleeping, but I won that battle! My uterus is the size of a soccer ball right now, at 26 weeks along. That is mind boggling to me. I like staring at my naked stomach, it’s fascinating in my opinion. I’m not really doing anything, but I’m some how growing a whole human inside of me. We signed up for our birthing classes. 6 excruciating evenings for 2 hours each. Are you serious? Seems like overkill. Oh, and I was reading up on healing after the birth, which I shouldn’t have done, because my vagina is going to be a disaster zone. Anyway I can just plan to not have a vaginal delivery? That sounds swell. Could we also cut me open before stretch marks start? That’s another thing, I inspect my stomach every day while lubing it up to look for new stretch marks. So far, coast is clear. This uterus is going to stretch all the way to my sternum, my Dr says, and I’ll feel like I can’t breath. Stretch marks come around the no breathing time, usually. So, another awesome stage I get to look forward to. Great… I’ve always known I would be an amazing mother, but I have ALWAYS dreaded the act of actually being pregnant. I’m finding the actually being pregnant portion not so bad, but the whole squeeze something the size of my cat out of my vagina things, is terrifying. Why does everyone keep saying that this will all be worth it? Did you know my belly button will never be the same? Supposedly I’ll grow a half shoe size at some point too. These all sounds like negatives in my opinion.

On a positive side note – I have never felt more in love, and connected with Adam, knowing that we’ve made a baby that I’m growing inside me, and the excitement we both have to meet him.