Waiting for Baby…

No pictures, I know…but I’m pregnant and have things to do.

My birth journey hasn’t been what I expected, so I just wanted to write about it.
Monday, May 6th – I had a Dr. appointment at Week 35. This is the first invasive appointment where they check you. My check up revealed that I was already 3cm dilated, 80% effaced. That means my cervix is growing preparing for baby to come down. Now, I think this is called an incompetent cervix, cause I didn’t have any contractions or anything to get me to this stage. My Dr. informed me I could have this baby any day now, and she forgot to do my Group B Strep test. I had to drive back, and give myself the test (I’m negative BTW). She said she’d be surprised if I made it two more weeks.

Tuesday, May 14th – it’s my next check up. I’m not 4cm dilated, 80% and baby is in a -1 position. She said I’m so stretchy that she could easily make me a five. So – she’s surprised I still haven’t had the baby. I’m just waiting for my water to break, or contractions to start.

Thursday, May 23 – I haven’t had any progress in the last 10 days, still at the same spot. I’m having some contractions at home, but nothing is consistent in either strength, or duration. I need good consistent contractions for this show to get on the road. We talked about scheduling an induction, and she recommended that I try acupuncture if I want to get it started. So, I had some acupuncture on the next day. There is still good strong heart beat, and baby movement, so they are not concerned at this point. Which is good news I suppose.

I have to say that I’m super frustrated, because I feel like my body isn’t reading it’s own cues. I just need something to happen. At this point, my hips are super sore, every time I get up, I keep walking around and that helps the soreness. My hips are sore all the time, I have these pulsating contractions and then everything stops. Talk about frustrating. I wish that nobody would have said 3 weeks ago that the baby would probably be early. I feel like I’ve been walking around paranoid the whole 3 weeks worried I’ll go into labor at any minute. My Dr. said that usually the hardest part is getting from 0-4 cm’s. Since I haven’t even felt it, she thinks that I’ve passed a really hard part and assures me I’m lucky.

All along my pregnancy, people say how great I look and I’ve told Adam all along, “People are liars”. I feel the same way about this. Yeah, I’m lucky, but I’m the one walking around with sore widened hips, waiting for this damn show to start. I’m totally ready for this. Bring on labor and I will get this shit done. I’ve got this!

Acupuncture was not bad, but it is about $95 out of pocket each time. He’s got me signed up for 3 sessions, so I go back on Tuesday, before my Dr. appointment. Hopefully this works, because it’s much easier/cheaper than a planned induction. I just know, that if I make it to my due date, I might kill someone. Next Dr. appointment is Tuesday afternoon. Hopefully, I get some good news. 🙂