My life is SOOOO together right now

First, I lost my cable cord to download photos from my camera, I’m a tard.

At what stage do most pregnant women get sick of questions about how they are feeling? For me, it was about day two after I told people I was pregnant. It’s one of those questions that people feel obligated to ask, and I am then obligated to answer. The raw truth? I don’t feel like it’s been that bad. My hips occasionally hurt now, it feels like a brick has landed on my uterus, I get acne and eczema in the most random places that I never did before, I’ve thinned my hair out twice since being pregnant (I’m not worried about balding), my nails have always been fast growers, I HATE stairs with a crazy passion, every time I lift my leg up for one it makes me feel like I have to go to the bathroom again. Oh – and please don’t EVER stop a pregnant woman on the way to the bathroom, this could result in a serious crisis that might require a clothes change. I bet you wanted all that information. You’re welcome for the education.

Brighter news on the pregnancy front – I’m officially 10 weeks away!! That’s right, 1/4 fourth of this saga to go. That means 10 more weeks of work, 10 more weeks to get our baby room ready, 10 more weeks to sell stuff. We have a rug that I bought, I’m trying to secure a crib, but not yet successful. AND, lots of prezzies are being purchased. I’m overwhelmed by the amount of love this little one is going to have, super overwhelmed. When you’re the first grand baby on one side, the love is abundant. Especially since I have FOUR brothers that are all in serious relationships with spouses, fiances, girlfriends that love babies. Adam’s side is equally excited about the baby. It’s been a long time coming. This April we will have been married 6 years. Can’t believe we’ve been together for almost half of my life…that is a long time. If you know us, we do everything in a thoughtful manner. Some people might have felt that 6 years is a long time to wait for babies, but this is when it’s right for us, and we couldn’t be happier. Also, I spend $20 on clothes last weekend for the wee little one at thrift and consignment shops and got probably 15 items. LOVE IT! Our wonderful Aunt Pam and Uncle Joe also gave us 3 boxes of things, clothes, shoes, burp rags, all stuff we need!

Speaking of 6 years, we’ve got a two night stay out in Leavenworth planned for it. I’m very excited about it. We’ll see how my huge pregnant self handles the drive of 2.5 hours, and how often I make stops for the bathroom 🙂

I finished my friend’s quilt, her shower was last Saturday. I was absolutely in love with it and hoped to share it here, but dang cable cord! I’ll share soon, and you’ll be impressed, too!. If I were having a girl, I would have kept it, just sayin’. Last night, Adam sat with me while I planned the baby quilt for our Baby. I want to get that done in the next week. Hopefully I can work on the binding on the drive down to Portland. I hope it turns out cute, cause that would be awesome. I also have to pillow cases I need to make. I bought fillers at IKEA.

I’ve rented two lenses that arrive on Friday for my camera. Hopefully I get to play with them, and decide which one I should purchase to take great baby photos! I’m heading over to buy another cable cord this afternoon. Luckily, there is a camera shop 5 minutes away from my work, on foot.



This morning I had my glucose blood test. It’s awful. Not only do I have to fast, and not eat anything til the test, but then you torturously sit in a waiting room for two hours with limited water and no food. Did I mention that they make you drink this disgusting sugar drink that makes you want to throw up it’s so full of sugar? By far, worst blood test I’ve ever had. OK – maybe not worse than the time I felt sick for the whole day, because they took too much blood from me, but this is up there. I feel like throwing up anyways.