Embarking on the Digital Age


My dear friend Becky (with Lindsay, and Baby Kieffer’s help) has pushed me into the digital age of scrapbooking. I feel a little liberated that I won’t need all this physical “stuff” to look through and put together, and purchase. I spent some time tooling around with it. I have Photoshop on my iMac, but on my new MacBook it’s not installing properly for some reason. This lead me to download the trial version of Photoshop Elements. I’ve found that it’s perfectly functional for the purposes of scrapbooking, creating digital flyers and what not. It has all the things that I actually use, and not all the extra garbage that I’m sure took up tons of space on my hard drive that I never touched, like Bridge. I don’t even know what that is. I learned all kinds of new things just tinkering around on my own with the above layout. It’s pretty geeky exciting. I got totally jazzed working on this layout. Since, I’ve only done one other layout, that I’m not perfectly happy with, but there has to be an end to messing around with a layout, or you could spend eons.

Yesterday was a fairly good day. I got really worked up at work completing this master project I’m working on. I felt really good about it, and then ended my day with a terrible meeting that just made me angry. BUT, it’s also those types of meetings that make me feel like I’m super good at my job. It’s a double edged sword.

My evening was pretty nice. I went home, and took a million calls to deal with some work escalations, but then it was great. I went on a walk with Adam, which I’m told, is the right kind of exercise for a pregnant woman to be getting. Afterwards, Adam and I made breakfast for dinner, which was pretty delicious, but I always love breakfast. After we settled down from dinner a little, we started work on our Europe scrapbook. We kept countless receipts, coasters, pamphlets, etc of all the cool things we did in Europe, and since those are physical items I decided this would be my last physical scrapbook. I bought a Smash Book, which I think will be ideal for putting it all together. You basically just glue and tape in pictures. The problem is that we have a bazillion pictures. So – I’ll likely want a physical and NON physical scrapbook to document our last expedition (the expedition of a LIFETIME) before we went down this path of having children.

A note on getting pregnant: We knew we wanted kids, and that we’d start trying sometime in the near future. When we planned our Europe trip, we knew this was probably going to be the last truly special thing that we did with just the two of us. We decided that we would start trying to make our little family while in Europe, because that could only add to the excitement. We figured it would take a couple months to get pregnant, and I was prepared to feel the sadness of getting my period every month, knowing that this time I actually didn’t want it to come. Our trip was beyond amazing. The things that we experienced together, and the memories that we made will be something we’ll have for our entire lives. Experiencing life really makes us much closer to each other and we both have the same appreciation for travel, new experiences, and each other. We came out of this trip more in love than we’ve ever been, and very fulfilled with all the choices we made while travelling. I don’t think there is a single thing either of us would have done differently (ok, maybe I wouldn’t have kissed that girl, or let Adam sit at the train station while I went in search of a bathroom, but it was all part of the trip).

When we arrived home, after 32 odd days of being gone from US soil, I realized I hadn’t had a period. It had crossed my mind in Europe, but I’ve always been irregular, and sometimes my red tides are 40 days apart. So, I pushed those thoughts aside and figured we could figure that all out when we were home. I took a pregnancy test the day we got home, after a nap. That sucker showed up positive! We were both so excited, we didn’t really know how to react. The realness wasn’t really sunk in yet. I proceeded to take 4 test over the next couple days, and then called the Dr. We were immediately advised we were pregnant if we’ve taken that many all positive tests, and they scheduled us to come in 3 weeks later. Those were 3 excruciating weeks of waiting for official confirmation. I think once that blob showed up on the screen and we saw our bean, a new level of really hit us.


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