New Phase of Life


I realize that I don’t post on here very often. For the past two years I’ve been very busy developing my career and have zero craft time. I find that depressing, like I’m losing a sense of myself. I still really enjoy crafting, I just find that it’s not really conducive to an on-the-go type gal like myself. I travelled 40% of the time in 2012. How would I lug that stuff all over the world. Let’s face it, I wasn’t even with it enough to pack something to embroider on my trips. So, now that the traveling has almost completely stopped, I find myself missing my old self.

Update on me: While we were in Europe, we started trying to get pregnant. We’ve been married over 5 years and felt like timing was finally right. Adam did turn 30 this year, after all. We don’t want a geezer daddy for the babes. Going into that mindset, I was prepared to spend months trying, constantly be disappointed and keep trying. Adam was excited for the trying. Well, the good Lord blessed us and BAM, pregnant after our first month of trying. We found out the day we got back from Europe, and we were both amazed, terrified and very excited.

Now, I’m 23 weeks pregnant, over half way there. We know we are having a beautiful little boy, complete with uncircumcised weenie and all, per the pictures, and we have a name picked out. Baby is due on June 6th and we can’t hardly wait.

Now, this brings me to my present situation, of crafting. I’m really feeling like crafting (did I mention I’m pregnant?). We live in a two bedroom condo, and bedroom two is switching from my beloved home office/craft room to a baby room. I need to get rid of approximately half of my crafting goods. That is depressing. Everyone keeps telling me this will be worth it. Where will I paint? Where will I craft paper cards or scrapbook? Where will I sew? Where will I make jewelry? I’m just having a hard time mentally processing what things to get rid of, how to get rid of them, and if it’s worth the time and energy of selling it.

Awhile ago, my friends Becky and Lindsay, and I all got together so Lindsay could teach us the ins and outs of digital scrapbooking. What a wonderful girl Lindsay is?! Not only did she take amazing pictures of my hubby and me (of course we paid her!), but she also taught me how to continue to craft without needing all the stuff. So, Becky and I have been diligently building our shared drop boxes, and starting to go down this road of the digital craft age. I’m already in love, but have done about 2 things. My Christmas card, and one half done page from my team retreat at work. I think documenting life helps me enjoy it and remember that it’s all been worth it, so I’m very excited to continue. My wonderful, amazing husband let me go buy a MacBook Pro. Yes, I have a really fancy gigantic computer, but I can’t take that where ever I go. I do love that dang thing though! So, now I have this mobile device that I love, and I’m loving more each day, and that I can continue my crafty journey on.

I listed all my stamp sets, and only 5 didn’t sell. I’m excited that was a quick $100 to pay this beast (MacBook Pro) off. I have to keep selling, and dwindling the piles of stuff. I don’t want to be a hoarder, but when it comes to crafting, it’s almost impossible not to hoard. Anyway, that’s my woe of the moment. More pregnant girl problems to come.



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