Europe Trip

Long time no talk, everyone! To bring everyone up to speed, we are in Europe, from today, through Sep 30th!

Background – Notre Dame (and anyone who knows me, knows I married a huge Fighting Irish fan) is playing their season opener in Dublin, against the Navy. So, we wanted to go. The problem was that we also wanted to go to Oktoberfest, near the end of September in Munich. Total conundrum! So, I told Adam to ask his boss if he could legitimately take one month off, cause my work has the amazing flexibility of allowing me to work all over the world, and remotely when necessary. His boss said yes. So – we planned an amazing month in Europe, and have just begun our journey.

We left Seattle around 6AM on Wednesday, flew through Atlanta and Dusseldorf, Germany, on to Dublin! We are spending 4 nights here. After landing at noon today, we got straight to our hostel, checked in and booked it via foot to The Guinness Storehouse. You take a self guided tour that lasts an hourish. If you already know how to brew beer, and the basics around it, the actual exhibit wasn’t that exciting. Breweries always want to tell you how the brewing process works. Anyway, the icing on the top was The Gravity Bar on the top of the 9 floor exhibit, with panoramic views of Dublin. The view were beautiful, we got a free pint each, and I dropped my lens cap into my beer, while attempting to put my lens cap on the top of my beer, mistaking it for my camera. I swear I wasn’t drunk!

After hitting up the gift shop, we headed over to Kilmainham Gaol. A historical prison in Ireland that is most famous for the political prisoners that have lived, and been executed there. Many of these Irish Freedom/Independence Fighters have strong roots in Irish history. Thought the movements for independence were not widely popular, til 1916, one execution in particular caught the attention of the Irish and countries throughout the world and they began to understand and empathize with the Irish independence movement. James Connolly, who was the leader of socialist Irish Citizen Army and a big part of the Easter Uprising, was executed at a different end of the stone yard. He was so injured that he could not stand before the firing squad, so he was sad in a chair, tied to it, and then executed. The tour was very thought provoking, and I highly recommend it, even if you aren’t Irish. My old age makes me tear up a lot more these days!

I then headed to a meeting across the street, where I basically got yelled at for 30 minutes. Awesome way to spend the end of the day, after a depressing, awesome historical sight! It was alright though.

Ate dinner at Quay’s and it was delicious just like I remember it. Guinness Stew and Penne with Smoked Salmon. Walked around Temple Bar, grabbed some beers to take back to the hostel and am just updating this site. Apparently, they were doing roof stuff, so the Wi-Fi isn’t working on our building. We’re sitting in a frigid common room while I type. The tiny-ness of our Hostel is comical. But hey – it’s a bed with an ensuite. Who can complain? We’re mapping out what tomorrow looks like. Take care, love you all!



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