Detox – a la cleanse

I abandom my blog for long periods of time. Life happens and I start focusing on living it, and forget about making sure I keep those memories. I can’t say that I’m upset with myself for doing it, just acknowleging that it happens.

My company is doing some pretty creative things to encourage people to be healthier, and I have to say, that I’m impressed they are trying. We all complete these confidential wellness exams every year, they get a report that says what the top priorities should be (smoking and weight loss this year). Based on that feedback, they pick programs designed to help people combat the issues. Obviously, it’s no surprise that I have issue with the weight myself. One of the their weightloss incentives (I say one of, because there are several) is a Biggest Loser competition. The winner will get an all expense paid trip to the Domincan Republic. So, I say to myself, Self, what better time than now?

I went to my homeopathic Dr. and he’s going to set me up on a special diet. I don’t really want to talk about the details of the special diet until I’ve seen how it works out. It’s kinda personal. I’m going to Europe for work from July 17-29 and he suggested I start that diet after the trip. In the mean time, he recommended that I complete this detox cleanse. Basically cleans out all the chemicals, etc that have been building up in my system for years. In an effort to keep me on track, DH has graciously agreed to also participate in the cleanse.

Today is day one. I do not feel hungry, but I have been going to the bathroom like crazy. I have consumed 5 glasses of water, which is 5 more glasses than I would have normally consumed at this point in the day.

In another effort to keep me on track. I will be doing weekly weigh-ins at Weight Watchers. I don’t intend to stay for the meetings, but I intend to weigh myself.

When I get back from Europe, I will get weighed and thoroughly measured by my Dr.’s office and will report back.

By the way, Europe is the chance of a lifetime. I have to go for work, but I get to go to Europe! Dublin, London, Prague and Luxembourg are on the agenda and I am PUMPED!

Current Weight: 209.8


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