1. I put monosodium glutamate on my grilled cheese sandwiches. That’s right, I do add MSG to things. It’s amazing!

2. I feed my cats every morning, while I’m on the toilet. Otherwise, Wicket claws my legs until I feed him.

3. I shower quickly, because I hate being wet. There is nothing cool about being covered in water unless your a) at a water parkĀ  b) dehydrated or c) really sweaty

4. I, apparently, pick my nose in my sleep. I have yet to witness said event, so I am highly disinclined to believe my husbands stories about this.

5. I’m somewhat anal when it comes to certain things. I hate loose hairs on my pillow, or on Adam when he sheds. I clean my ears way too often. I also clean my nails a lot. I have to pick a scab. Eyeboogers must be removed even if it makes your eyes hurt.

6. I love dresses and girly things.

What are your six fun confessions?