Amazon Kindle Covers

I ordered a Kindle. I’ve wanted one forever, I just couldn’t push myself to spend the money. BUT, new job, more money and more traveling has made me believe that it is a very necessary gadget that I need.

Now, I am in the process of trying to figure out what case I want. This is a pretty tough decision. Do I want a stand? Do I want an integrated light? Do I want a sleeve vs. a case? I thought I would post some of the cases I like, but probably won’t buy.


Kate Spade



Honestly, I’m a little disappointed in the selection and I may just need to fasion my own damn case…

I was hoping that Vaja Cases made something, but alas they don’t. Not that I could afford it anyway.


2 thoughts on “Amazon Kindle Covers

  1. I always love when I’m on a plane and the dumb stewardess tells me to turn off the Kindle. I usually try to hand it to her and see if she can turn it off. (They don’t turn off, they just sleep) Brats. I’M READING LEAVE ME ALONE!

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