Pivotal Moment

A little over two years ago, I decided that it was time to leave my job. I felt I had reached the ceiling I wanted there, and there was no more challenge. There were also that small thing of having new superiors that I didn’t particularly jive with. I became bitter, started talking badly about my company and hated every minute I was in that office.
I found a new company. A big company. I knew there were endless possibilities for advancement even though I was taking a pay cut. I started at this company in August 2008, and 4 months later I had switched positions to something more challenging. Within two more months I was bored, taking on endless projects and an opportunity came up to contract for a major company. This position could open the door for me. I jumped at the chance, and got the role with fairly little effort. I worked on that contract for 19 months. I love the people I worked with, but none of them worked for my same company. I found my job challenging and loved being a part of a growing program. I was the team lead and felt I had accomplished creating a successful program. I found myself a little bored again, and dissatisfied with my employer. They hadno desire to invest in their employees to elevate them to become better employees who feel some sort of loyalty to their employer. It took them over two years to recognize my worth and give me a raise, tacked on to a promotion. It wasn’t a very good raise. I know firsthand that 90% of the employees there are/were unhappy and moral is/was super low. It’s depressing. My only solace was that the people I actually worked with (employed by other companies) are great people. I wanted to start looking for something new, but did not actually put any effort out there. I figured, after the holidays is good enough.
I got a random email from a recruiter wondering if I would be open to having a conversation. Of course I said yes, we had a nice chat, and she sent me the job description. After reviewing the job description, I was still interested, and spent some hours updating my resume, polishing it and sent it off to her. Turns out, the person hiring the position was going to fly through Seattle, and really wanted to meet me. I called my friend who already worked for this company to have a chat, and it turns out that he gave them my info and asked them to reach out to me. He thought I would be a slam dunk for the position and was super pumped about the opportunity. I got some slacks dry cleaned, bought some dress clothes and off I went to meet her. We had a nice hour long conversation that seemed to flow really well. I touched base with my friend afterwards and he said to hang in there, he heard that I interviewed really well and was impressive. He also went on to tell me that I was highly regarded in my industry, and not just within my own company, but anyone who knows of me. High as a kite, I’m a screamer and jumper when something exciting happens. I was thrilled to know that people were taking notice of the caliber of work I did, my professionalism and me as a valuable asset. Regardless of how this thing was going to work out, people know who I am and I’m on the radar.
My boss sent me a sched+ requesting a “quick chat” with me. She asked me questions about where I saw myself and the direction I wanted to go in. I laid everything on the line, was pretty honest and told her what I was lacking in my current position. She went on to tell me that my name has come up several times about a new position that she was designing. It was a pseudo management, executive consultant role. She told me that I was the only person in the center that she thought had the stuff for this new role, that it would be a promotion from what I’m doing now, and that it was basically mine if I wanted it. I left the meeting intrigued.
I got a job offer from this other company. It was pretty impressive and honestly everything that I could have hoped for. I talked to their benefits person, mainly to learn about vacation. I called back my contact, negotiated on vacation, and happily accepted the offer. That was a Friday, and I gave notice to my, at the time current, employer the following Monday.

Why am I writing this all out? I want to remember this pivotal moment in my career. I have the chance to be at the forefront of a big shift in my industry and personal career. I am excited about the possibilities that have come my way and to make a real difference in a program. This opportunity is amazing and I am blessed to have it. I am shifting, from just an employee, back to an actual professional, and I am pumped!!
I am excited for the future!!
Adam took me to dinner and a movie to celebrate, and I bought myself two jackets as congratulation gifts for myself. Then I later bought a new purse and a work bag, ’cause hey, I deserve it.


One thought on “Pivotal Moment

  1. Have I ever told you that I wish I were you!? LOL You are amazing Asia Arbolante (Kieffer)!! You go girl! You will rock at anything you do! Good luck in your new adventure!

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