Sorry for no picture, but this has to get posted before I have a chance to upload a photo to this.

I’ve just officially committed myself to hosting my very first Thanksgiving Dinner.

  1. I have never cooked a turkey, or a chicken for that matter, because my hubs is allergic to poultry.
  2. I have a 1,000 sq ft condo with very little space.

However, there are several benefits to this little venture.

  1. I get to set a table.
  2. I have a ridiculous collection of dinnerware, serving dishes, silverware, flatware, etc. that I will finally get to utilize.
  3. I am pretty good at cooking, baking and following recipes.
  4. It will make me really clean my house.
  5. Don’t forget, I will get to set a table šŸ™‚
  6. Getting the first one out of the way will be good for me.
  7. There has kinda been this Thanksgiving hole in my life since my parents moved to Texas. I grew up in a house where Thanksgiving was ALWAYS hosted at my parents. So it will be great for peeps to get together at my house.
  8. I won’t have to drive anywhere.
  9. Did I mention I’ll be setting a table?!?!

I’m running through Martha Stewart’s Thanksgiving issue with a fine tooth comb. There is a lot to clean, plan, do….decide against…replan….do (and on and on with that vicious cycle.)


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