Healthy Snacks and cheap thrills


I’ve been grabbing fruit from Costco lately, cuting it up and making delicious bowls of fruit. I cut all the fruit up in one night and then package for eating throughout the week. It’s pretty delicious and healthy 🙂

I found these great ribbons at St Vinney’s this weekend. They are pretty large spools and it was under $5 for all of them. I love great vintage ribbon finds!

I’ve got some new Pyrex and Fenton up in my Etsy. You should check it out because they are lovely 🙂


I finally did it…

I signed up for The Photographers’ Workshop, by Karen Russell.

Yes, my stomach hurts from spending that kind of money because honestly, we could have spent it on other important things. I think I have to live though, and dag nab it, I deserve it. I work hard, and need to play hard too. I’m super excited to learn and explore and push myself to grow!

For those of you who don’t know, Karen Russell is a pretty awesome lady. She’s a real person, with real life struggles, and real life victories. I like that. She’s been inspiring me since as long as I’ve been reading blogs. My best frien,d Becky, turned me on to her, and I have loved her ever since. Also, she doesn’t know it yet, but we could be the best of friends. We’re kindred spirits of sorts.

Terribly busy

Apologies for my absense lately. It’s been pretty crazy lately. Mostly because I wrapped up my big Tea Party I was organizing for my women’s group. We had 95 people in attendance and it was a huge success. More on that later. Secondly, I have a ton more responsibility at work. It’s a little ridiculous honestly, and I’ve been working a ton, but it’s all good. I’m appreciative that I have a job.

So let’s see what I’ve been up to…

1. Check out my nail polish inventory… I obviously have a thing for purples/pinks. I can honestly say that I didn’t realize I had this much nail polish (35 different bottles). I bought three more yesterday 🙂 (Shut your face!)

2. Tea Party extroidinaire. This was my beautiful table. Posting more pics over at Smug Mug of the whole event. It was honestly a huge success and I can’t wait for next years. It was super fun, a lot of work and I’ve definitely learned some great things for next year, like deligating better.

3. Saturday Steals: This wonderful vintage linen piece for the table. It’s super cute for a $1.50!!

4. My peonies are getting ready to burst! I’m pretty excited about them. I just LOVE peonies. They are so fluffly and lush and lovely. I just like the look of them, likea big fluffy persian cat to cuddle into. They just invite you to shove your face in them!

This plant, a Euphorbia, is a little weird. It’s more than trippled in size in the last couple years. It gros so well, I cut it back every year, and then it comes back bushier than ever. Supposedly, if I dig a hole in the ground and plant one of the stalks into it, it will turn into a plant. I’m not sure about that, but I think I’ll give it a try.

My snapdragons grew back awesome, even with the bitter cold winters. They are ready to pop open too 🙂

My day lilies on the other hand, are not shooting up their buds yet. It worries me, but I haven’t seen others in the neighborhood yet, so I’m sure they’ll eventually come.

5. One of my favorite scrapbook stores up in Lynnwood, Lasting Memories is closing it’s doors. It makes me sad. That’s two really good stores in the past year that have shut their doors. Where am I supposed to go for supplies now? There is a place in Issaquah and Shoreline, so those will have to do. Luckily, the Shoreline one isn’t that far away. I swung by Lasting Memories last night and picked up some discounted stuff and asked about paper trays. We’ll see what happens, but I would love some. I’m on a waiting list.

6. My kitties are adorable. Wicket is huge, and it makes Yoji seem tiny. Both so sweet though.

7. We bought a blue ray player, because my DVD player broke. WTF? AND, why doesn’t the Wii play DVD’s? That seems dumb. Way to miss out on a piece of the market Nintendo.

8. This morning I made fancey pancakes. Check out my robot and golf club and mini Mickey. There were flowers too, but I ate them.

9. Check out me using my awesome lettuce that I grew myself! Delicious.

10. We swung by Pike Place Market today, and it was fabulous. We bought raspberry’s and strawberries. Delicious.

Thee End…