Confessions of an addict

I’m an addict. I tend to jump into things both feet forward, balls to the wall. I’m obsessed with checking my email, because I get super stoked when somebody buys something out of my Etsy shop. I need to stop buying coffee and just drink the normal stuff. I have a ton of make-up, despite the fact that I only wear make-up, probably 50% of the time. I also have endless hair clips and head bands, even though I usually wear a couple bobbi pins and black elastic pony tail holder. Lotion, how could you not love lotion? I love the smells, and love everyone I have ever bought, or convinced someone to buy for me. Nailpolish – OPI I love you. Despite the fact that you run over $8 per little bottle.

Anytime I want something, I should sit on it for a week, then see how bad I still want it. Except shoes…those I should buy the instant I fall in love with them.


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