Approaching Milestones

I think milestones are a funny thing. They are supposed to be significant achievements or moments in time that capture something big or progress to something big. As I approach a couple milestones, I’ll share them with you when they hit. I was just thinking about some of them nearing and it’s exciting! (No, I’m not pregnant, nor attempting, so stop trying to fan that flame!)

I was thinking aloud about my friends with Adam the other day. They’ve all done some amazing things, gone some amazing places and met some interesting people. Sometimes I take a look at their lives and say, “do I wish I had that?”. Would I want to travel to random places with nothing but a bag? Would I want to go on crazy hiking expeditions? Would I want to date, or learn to make bikes, or sign up for new things and meet entirely new people? It’s one of those sins you know, Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors goods. I don’t want for any of these things. Even though my amazing friends have done some amazing things that I have not done, I have done my own amazing things. I’ve lived in a foreign country for multiple years, I’m the only one with mixed parents, I’ve bought a place to live, I’ve bought multiple cars, I’m married and I have ambition. I love the life I’ve created. Part of the reasons we are good at being friends is because we are different. I think regrets are silly. To me, things happen for reasons. I acknowlege and move on. It doesn’t mean that I wouldnt’ do some things differently if I had to all over again. It just means that I recognize my blessings and am happy with them.

On with the fun more interesting stuff!

Check out this ratty stool I picked up for $5 thrifting…

Throw in $7 worth of plasticky table clothy stuff and $6 of spray paint…VOILA! An uber beautiful $18 hit!!

Remember the library file? Well, the drawers were sticky/tacky, from lack of ever being cared for! Got the thing for free, spent about $10 on supplies to clean him up and SHIZAMM!! He’s neat. I still need to do some work and make some dividers for some drawers…but we’ll see if we actually get there. It’s pretty sweet. Some drawers have solid bottoms and some have one line down the middle where the “track” runs. I’ve already started a list of labels for the drawers. I was thinking I’d use the typewriter, but I might actually stamp them. We’ll see. I need to find the most perfect paper…


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