I had a pretty good weekend an hope you did too! It was actually pretty successful, if I do say so myself. On Saturday morning, I helped with some gardening at church, and just decided to make a day of it. So, after that I went over to a nursery that I had a coupon for and stocked up on some plants, replanted all my planters, and planted some stuff down in the flower bed too. It’s pretty swell, I must say. AND…I’m super stoked to have fuschia’s in all my pots on my balcony! I know it seems silly that I get excited over this dumb stuff, but come May, it will be gorgeous on my deck 🙂 I can’t wait to hang out there and read under my super cool umbrella. The last thing I have to do is get an adequate pot for my herbs. I’m having a little trouble with that, but hope to find a solution soon. It might have to be two smaller pots, so that I don’t have to move this gargantuan one.

On my way to said nursery, I happened to swing by a Rummage Sale at a church! What luck! I picked up a couple of doilies and 2 pairs of earrings for $3.50. Total steal. Then when I got to said nursery, I noticed that it’s practically across the street from one of my frequent thrifting shops, so I swung by there too, and totally scored on some awesome placemats, and a couple aprons. Believe it or not, I totally didn’t intend to do any thrifting this Saturday, but apparently, it was fate that I should! So, check out these sweet steals:

My favorite purchase of the whole day: These super sweet $3 white loafers. Super comfy.

Awesome apron for a friend: total stead, I’ve been steadily growing my gingham apron collection. It is so much more fun to bake and clean with an apron, seriously.

These super cool placemats and table topper. Crocheted in the most perfect colors for spring/Easter! Available in my shop, click the photo!

This red Pyrex casserole is most likely from the Friendship pattern, but doesn’t have the lid. However, it doesn’t even look like it’s ever been used, super sweet!

I’ve been wanting to try my hand at embroidery lately. I don’t know how to, I have never done it, but I know it can’t be that hard. So, I might try that soon.

We made so much progress cleaning this weekend, and picked up more boxes at storage, so, it’s gonna be a mess again. AND, I won’t have any time to deal with it until at least Wednesday evening. Totally, lame, but whatever, things are happening, and for that I’m grateful! Plus, hubs set up the DVD player in the room again, total score!


Confessions of an addict

I’m an addict. I tend to jump into things both feet forward, balls to the wall. I’m obsessed with checking my email, because I get super stoked when somebody buys something out of my Etsy shop. I need to stop buying coffee and just drink the normal stuff. I have a ton of make-up, despite the fact that I only wear make-up, probably 50% of the time. I also have endless hair clips and head bands, even though I usually wear a couple bobbi pins and black elastic pony tail holder. Lotion, how could you not love lotion? I love the smells, and love everyone I have ever bought, or convinced someone to buy for me. Nailpolish – OPI I love you. Despite the fact that you run over $8 per little bottle.

Anytime I want something, I should sit on it for a week, then see how bad I still want it. Except shoes…those I should buy the instant I fall in love with them.

Tuesday List

I have full intentions of actually doing all these things today.

  1. Clean my computer screen
  2. Clean off my work table
  3. Tape off the rest of the stripe (DH)
  4. List the tote on craigslist
  5. Go through 2 magazines I need to recycle
  6. Take out recycle (DH)
  7. Inventory fridge (both)
  8. Plan out this weeks menu
  9. Change sheets
  10. Clean out 2 cubbys
  11. Pull out and take pics of some more ads
  12. Send WOW reminder

Approaching Milestones

I think milestones are a funny thing. They are supposed to be significant achievements or moments in time that capture something big or progress to something big. As I approach a couple milestones, I’ll share them with you when they hit. I was just thinking about some of them nearing and it’s exciting! (No, I’m not pregnant, nor attempting, so stop trying to fan that flame!)

I was thinking aloud about my friends with Adam the other day. They’ve all done some amazing things, gone some amazing places and met some interesting people. Sometimes I take a look at their lives and say, “do I wish I had that?”. Would I want to travel to random places with nothing but a bag? Would I want to go on crazy hiking expeditions? Would I want to date, or learn to make bikes, or sign up for new things and meet entirely new people? It’s one of those sins you know, Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors goods. I don’t want for any of these things. Even though my amazing friends have done some amazing things that I have not done, I have done my own amazing things. I’ve lived in a foreign country for multiple years, I’m the only one with mixed parents, I’ve bought a place to live, I’ve bought multiple cars, I’m married and I have ambition. I love the life I’ve created. Part of the reasons we are good at being friends is because we are different. I think regrets are silly. To me, things happen for reasons. I acknowlege and move on. It doesn’t mean that I wouldnt’ do some things differently if I had to all over again. It just means that I recognize my blessings and am happy with them.

On with the fun more interesting stuff!

Check out this ratty stool I picked up for $5 thrifting…

Throw in $7 worth of plasticky table clothy stuff and $6 of spray paint…VOILA! An uber beautiful $18 hit!!

Remember the library file? Well, the drawers were sticky/tacky, from lack of ever being cared for! Got the thing for free, spent about $10 on supplies to clean him up and SHIZAMM!! He’s neat. I still need to do some work and make some dividers for some drawers…but we’ll see if we actually get there. It’s pretty sweet. Some drawers have solid bottoms and some have one line down the middle where the “track” runs. I’ve already started a list of labels for the drawers. I was thinking I’d use the typewriter, but I might actually stamp them. We’ll see. I need to find the most perfect paper…