Perhaps some of you have heard of this little known book.  I purchased it eons ago at Costco, and had lovingly flipped through the pages drooling over the various cupcakes. My work happened to be having a Valentine’s Day bake sale today, and I was begged by several people to bake something. So, I did. I whipped out my book and carefully selected the Snickerdoodle Cupcakes. It seemed easy enough and quick enough to get done in an evening. Luckily, my trusty side kick, Adam, helped along the way. He practically made the frosting all by himself. I’m so proud to have a smart husband. He’s a lot more meticulous about cooking and baking than I ever am, so I completely trust him in the baking world.


 Adam’s amazing frosting efforts.

So, I went a little crazy at this point. I’d already dusted my dollops with cinnamon and sugar, just like a traditional Snickerdoodle cookie, but then I thought, “Hey, why not be completely crazy and make little pennants so people will know what flavor they are? Oh, and let us not forget that you would like all credit for anything you accomplish, so on the back write ‘Baked by Asia'”

Yeah, not crazy at all…

In other news, the diet is going okay. I’m down 4.1% of my body weight so far. I’m a little nervous about the weekend, and bad eating that might ensue. I have a very special VD planned. Hubby got me a gift, and I’m dying to know what’s in that box. He knows I have no patience for surprises, or fishing for that matter.