Good, so far

I’ve made a couple of these Asparagus and Mushroom Omlets lately, and I love them. I would totaly love them more if they had bacon and more cheese, but those items aren’t exactly on my diet. Speaking of which, my diet actually went pretty well last week. I lost over 5 pounds. However, this makes me super apprehensive about next week’s weigh in. YIKES.

I also picked up Food Rules, by Michael Pollen. It’s actually a pretty good basic book, with some healthy choices to live by. The main theory is Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants. It’s essentially about eating cleaning, not necessarily low fat. Here are some of the key concepts I’m taking away from this book:

  • If I don’t cook/make it, then I don’t eat it.
  • If I can’t pronounce an ingredient, I don’t buy it
  • If it has more than 5 ingredients on the package, I don’t consume it
  • Eat nothing that refers to itself at Lite/low-fat, etc

I’m really going to try and push myself to eat more plants, and find delicious ways to cook them. It takes 20 days to break a habit, so we’ll see. One of the biggest things about this book is the 4th bullet I listed. Due to said rule, it really doesn’t work with things like Weight Watchers. Programs like that focus on light products and it makes it impossible to stay under their point limit. Now, their core plan I hear is much better, but I don’t want to limit myself with food like that. My focus through this diet is going to be clean eating. I’ve really noticed myself paying more attention to whether or not I’m hungry. As long as I pack m y lunches I seem to do a fine job throughout the day. One other key item is that I haven’t been eating after 7 PM. This is probably one of the hardest things, because I love late night snacks, but I think it’s helpful.


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