More Tomorrow

This is me doing my hair. It might look like a hot mess, but it turns out just plain hot.

I’m also trying to pick a wall color for my studio. What do you think . I’m thinking the color smack dab in the middle so far….

Found the perfect table at my first stop this morning SUPER Stoked!

Now, I’m organizing said studio so that I can fit all this shizzz into it…..


Monday Lists

Do you think that if I have an actual purpose for some of the posts I do, like Satruday Steals, or Monday lists, then maybe I can be more consistent?

I can't wait for spring, this past week has been a wonderful little taste 🙂

Segway into Monday Lists. Object: to make a list of what I’d like to accomplish in the week.

  • Finish my super cool stool
  • Recover and Scotch Guard the chairs
  • Organize Pantry
  • Go through some storage boxes
  • Move mattress to Melody’s
  • Multiple stops at Goodwill
  • Plan the weeks menu
  • Pre-pack lunches
  • Paint Nails
  • Cook
  • Eat @ the dinner table! 🙂

Yesterday we actually made some progress and got our dining table and big brown chair back into our condo. I love that chair. It’s huge, but it’s super comfy and a great reading chair! The table, oh the table. I kinda love it. It was Adam’s grandfather’s table. Grandma nad grandpa bought it in the 1970’s I think. So to me, it’s the perfect kind of table. It’s vintage, it’s got new life with the easy fabric recovering, and it has family history. The fact that it’s a real kitchen, not a mini table like our last one, it just icing on the cake! I could actually have people over for a real dinner. I think I might have ocmmitted to it with my in-laws already. Hey, they should really get to see the new seats anyway.

Today after work I’m stopping by storage to get my chair, and finish it up at home. Adam recommended trying a hair dryer to heat the plastic a little so it can stretch, I’ll try that out and see what happens. I hope to also make a stop at Goodwill/Value Village and drop off some items.

Love Me

No Saturday Steals this week 😦 I was busy shopping wedding gown shopping with my future SIL. So, I thought I would just say HAPPY VD to everyone, and curse working early hours, because they are why I’m up at 5:30 AM on a freaking Sunday!

Friday was a pretty magical evening. We cooked a delicious dinner that included Asparagus Omelets, toast, fresh strawberries, a candle and milk in wine glasses. Did I mention that we don’t have a kitchen table right now? Yeah, so this was on our card table with one chair and our two step stool, haha. It felt like we were just moved out together and couldn’t afford furniture. Oh the memories of living with one papasan for about 3 or four months as our only living room chair/couch.

After dinner we played some magical rounds of backgammon (I lost all of them), and an intense round of Triple Yahtzee!, which I also lost. But it was still fun to sit and sip wine while we played some board games and listened to some good music. I lvoe playing board games with him.

By the way, if you’re going to play Yahtzee, Triple Yahtzee is the only way to go. Don’t be a math puss and chicken out. I bought our version at a thrift store for $1.99 and it came with everything, and an unopened box of pads inside! Just my personal thoughts.


Perhaps some of you have heard of this little known book.  I purchased it eons ago at Costco, and had lovingly flipped through the pages drooling over the various cupcakes. My work happened to be having a Valentine’s Day bake sale today, and I was begged by several people to bake something. So, I did. I whipped out my book and carefully selected the Snickerdoodle Cupcakes. It seemed easy enough and quick enough to get done in an evening. Luckily, my trusty side kick, Adam, helped along the way. He practically made the frosting all by himself. I’m so proud to have a smart husband. He’s a lot more meticulous about cooking and baking than I ever am, so I completely trust him in the baking world.


 Adam’s amazing frosting efforts.

So, I went a little crazy at this point. I’d already dusted my dollops with cinnamon and sugar, just like a traditional Snickerdoodle cookie, but then I thought, “Hey, why not be completely crazy and make little pennants so people will know what flavor they are? Oh, and let us not forget that you would like all credit for anything you accomplish, so on the back write ‘Baked by Asia'”

Yeah, not crazy at all…

In other news, the diet is going okay. I’m down 4.1% of my body weight so far. I’m a little nervous about the weekend, and bad eating that might ensue. I have a very special VD planned. Hubby got me a gift, and I’m dying to know what’s in that box. He knows I have no patience for surprises, or fishing for that matter.

Saturday Steals

We went to the NW Flower & Garden Show last night, then finished off the evening with Blue C Sushi. It was a great night if you ask me 😉 Driving toward the waterfront at sunset was beautiful. I really do love this Emerald City.

I’m thinking of a new segment called Saturday Steals to post here for you guys. Wherever my travels bring me on a Saturday, I’ll share the steals here 🙂

Vintage Pink and Gray Polaroid

Vintage Pink Shoe Trees / Stretchers (I also have yello)

Wonderful Bee Sugar Jar for my office, only cost $1!!

Can I just say that I love how indifferent he appears to be about the photos I’m taking around him.

Alphabetical Files for crafting

Vintage Blue Apron with embroidered cute!

Vintage Crocheted Apron

Good, so far

I’ve made a couple of these Asparagus and Mushroom Omlets lately, and I love them. I would totaly love them more if they had bacon and more cheese, but those items aren’t exactly on my diet. Speaking of which, my diet actually went pretty well last week. I lost over 5 pounds. However, this makes me super apprehensive about next week’s weigh in. YIKES.

I also picked up Food Rules, by Michael Pollen. It’s actually a pretty good basic book, with some healthy choices to live by. The main theory is Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants. It’s essentially about eating cleaning, not necessarily low fat. Here are some of the key concepts I’m taking away from this book:

  • If I don’t cook/make it, then I don’t eat it.
  • If I can’t pronounce an ingredient, I don’t buy it
  • If it has more than 5 ingredients on the package, I don’t consume it
  • Eat nothing that refers to itself at Lite/low-fat, etc

I’m really going to try and push myself to eat more plants, and find delicious ways to cook them. It takes 20 days to break a habit, so we’ll see. One of the biggest things about this book is the 4th bullet I listed. Due to said rule, it really doesn’t work with things like Weight Watchers. Programs like that focus on light products and it makes it impossible to stay under their point limit. Now, their core plan I hear is much better, but I don’t want to limit myself with food like that. My focus through this diet is going to be clean eating. I’ve really noticed myself paying more attention to whether or not I’m hungry. As long as I pack m y lunches I seem to do a fine job throughout the day. One other key item is that I haven’t been eating after 7 PM. This is probably one of the hardest things, because I love late night snacks, but I think it’s helpful.