Amazing Steals

One of the most important qualities for a thrifter to be successful is persistance and lack of disappointment.

It’s important to keep going even if you don’t find anything in one place after ten visits. Every once in awhile, that ten second stop will come in handy.

Yesterday I decided to stop by a semi-out of the way thrift store on my way home and found 23 pieces of Noritake “Carolyn” for my mother in law. It was her china pattern, and in amazing condition! It was in better condition than hers are! Get this, it was an amazing $35, what a steal! I also picked up a glass boot, and a little owl statue at the same place. Needless to say, I was excited.

After that, I felt on a role and went by another place that happened to be on my way home. I picked up two spaghetti forks. How ridiculous are these things? I think they are pretty funny, so I couldn’t resist. At the same place, I found four little owls. It’s my new thing. I love cute little owls.

Tuesday I stopped by this smaller thrift store on the way home, and almost left after going through the small housewares and office section, but decided that I mine as well take a tour over to the furniture section. Good thing I did, because I picked up the most beautiful little Smith-Corona Silent Super typewriter. Little did I know what a gem I had snagged until I got home and did a little research on this pretty puppy. It’s so cute, but I’m not keeping it, because it’s really not that functional as far as a useful craft item. I’m sure this sweet puppy will make someone a very happy home=-eoi It’s in amazing condition too. No dust bunnies, or knicks. I’m truely amazed by it. When this puppy sells, it might be my biggest income earner. The biggest return so far was $55 on some Pink Gooseberry Pyrex bowls and refrigerator set, so I think I stand to make a little more on this item.

In other news:

This is day three of my weight loss competition and I think it’s good so far. I don’t feel overly deprived and I’ve exercised Monday and Tuesday. I’ll exercise again today after work, when Adam gets home. Tuesday I did my first full P90X program. I did the Kenpo X which I quite enjoyed. So, I think successful so far. It will only getter from here.


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