Small goals, rewards and tough decisions

The level of classy for this car repair shop is emphasized by the key drop.

I think a nice goal for 2010 would be to set of a list of to-dos. Not really resolutions, but little would-like to-dos. Nice things, sometimes easy things. So, lets think of some things.

  1. Clean my house more often. I love the clean feeling and calmness of a clean house.
  2. I’d like to go on a walk at least once a week. It could be through a mall, in the neighborhood or through the woods.
  3. Take a Photography class – I think I’ve already determined to take Karen Russell’s class.
  4. Sew a bag/purse.
  5. Really organize my vintage goods.
  6. Print pictures.
  7. Scrapbook more.
  8. Cook more nice dinners for my husband and continue to branch out with food.
  9. Make patchwork throw pillows for my couch.

Projects to finish:

  1. The Manger Scene: It’s been over a year, and come a long way, but still isn’t done.
  2. The golf club project. Adam doesn’t really know what this entails, but the visualization I have in my head seems really awesome. I think it will look fantastic and be a wonderful surprise for Adam.
  3. The type case tray from Ali’s idea. I have two, but don’t have plans for two.
  4. My wedding album with the Karen Russell kit.
  5. The lantern project.

A tough little decision:

We listed our condo mid 2008. We wanted to move into a house since the prices were so nice right now. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to sell the condo and took it off the market for the holidays. Now, re-evaluating in the new year, we’ve decided we are going to stay put for a couple years. We don’t have a “need” to move right now, and realistically, we could live here with a baby if we needed to. Our neighbors will be so pleased because they love us so much here. So, for now, that means going through our stuff in storage all over again, and re-organizing our home. But, that gives us more time to save and more time to simiplify. It’s a tough decision, but really the only decision we could make.

Anyway…that’s where I am at right this moment. Off to sit on the couch and try to make a flyer.


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