Dec 9th through 19th :)

December 9 Challenge. Something that really made you grow this year. That made you go to your edge and then some. What made it the best challenge of the year for you?

—–> I would say my women’s group has pushed me to new boundaries. Initially, I was very apprehensive about the whole thing, and what was going to be asked of me and the type of time I was commiting. Now, though, I’ve made some amazing friends and felt like I truely have contributed to my faith community.

December 10 Album of the year. What’s rocking your world?

—–> Of goodness. Am I allowed to say Mariah Carey Christmas Album? Cause it rocks my world every year. I’m also really liking Jeremy Larson right now and Adele and JJ Heller.

December 11 The best place. A coffee shop? A pub? A retreat center? A cubicle? A nook?

—–>St. Vincent dePaul. Or any thrift store for that matter. I love to wonder about the things that end up their, and where they have been. I love discovering new treasures 🙂

December 12 New food. You’re now in love with Lebanese food and you didn’t even know what it was in January of this year.

—–> I’ve tried India food before, but until this year, I never really had a craving for it. I crave it at least once a month now. Oh, I’m also liking trying out a lot of new foods like roasted carrots and avocado.

December 13 What’s the best change you made to the place you live?

—–> I would say new carpet, cause I’m SO thankful that the aweful disgusting green is gone!

December 14 Rush. When did you get your best rush of the year?

—–> I was confused by what rush was intended to mean. I would have to say that planning Adam’s birthday was a fantastic rush. So exciting, every day of it and I absolutely loved that I could share that moment with him.

December 15 Best packaging. Did your headphones come in a sweet case? See a bottle of tea in another country that stood off the shelves?

—–> these pills.

December 16 Tea of the year. I can taste my favorite tea right now. What’s yours?

—–> Umm, I’m gonna go with a brand. Mighty Leaf. I’ve only discovered it this year and love it.

December 17 Word or phrase. A word that encapsulates your year. “2009 was _____.”

—–> besonders schon – amazing and wonderful all at the same time. There were definitely tough parts, but for the most part I am amazingly fortunate. Just the other day I was sitting on the couch with my husband realizing that it’s still hard for me to equate that we’ve been married for 2 years already and in love with each other as we were five years ago. He’s my sunshine.

December 18 Shop. Online or offline, where did you spend most of your mad money this year?

—–> Definitely offline and definitely at rummage/yard sales and thrift shops. I love second hand and old 🙂

December 19 Car ride. What did you see? How did it smell? Did you eat anything as you drove there? Who were you with?

—–> Driving along Meridian going into Indiannapolis, Indiana. The homes were so amazing, I couldn’t stop gawking and taking photos of them. AMAZING!!

I thought I would also throw in a couple photos from our gingerbread making 🙂

My cute front door

a more complete photo of my house 🙂

Adam's house in progress....

My prized salmon ornament. I bought this puppy last year after Christmas on clearance. He's (she?) quickly becoming my favorite.

Squirrely Squirrelson is a close second.


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