Dec. 7th & 8th

December 7 Blog find of the year. That gem of a blog you can’t believe you didn’t know about until this year.

—–> There are so many that I frequent. I’ve rediscovered Elsie F.’s blog and am truely inspried by the creativity. I’ve discovered a lot of sewing blogs thi year and am constantly inspried to try new things from all those gals.

December 8 Moment of peace. An hour or a day or a week of solitude. What was the quality of your breath? The state of your mind? How did you get there?

—–> I went outside to clean out my flower bed for the fall. It was a tad chilly, but bearable and amazingly, it wasn’t raining. So, when I had about ten minutes left it started to lightly rain. I remember being completely calmed. It was around 3:30pm on a weekday, and when I was finished gardening, I sat up on my porch, reading a catalog, in th rain. It just felt good, and cleansing.


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