Thanksgiving: Thanks for a good kick off to Advent

I love the holiday season. It’s by far my favorite time of year. I love decorating, shopping, baking and eating. Spent some time shopping on Black Friday and it wasn’t all that bad. I didn’t actually purchase any gifts, but I had fun šŸ™‚

Can I just say that Mariah Carey has the best Christmas album of all time? It’s always a number one seller, and it’s amazing. I’ve burned my CD’s and am listening while I clean away this morning.

Here is a peek at what I’ve been up to this long Holiday weekend šŸ™‚ (I’m a dumb dumb and forgot to take a picture of my delicious Chocolate Hazelnut Tart, it was amazing!)

This photo only looks crazy cause Adam took it, and it was terrible, so I made it purposely terrible.

Of course, I take amazing photos of him reading with his Godson.

Fire King Blue Jay mug available in my Etsy shop (click photo)

White Pyrex Bowls 401 & 402 available in my Etsy (click photo)


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