Cheap Thrills for ¢20

This might be a long and drawn out post, but I feel like I need to set the stage before I get to the closing credits.

So, my women’s group is doing a Tea Party in May. A real tea party, with fancy china and tea and crumpets, etc. So, I’m very excited for this. We ask ladies to volunteer to set up tables. They get to bring their own fine china and decorate the table. I am completely excited. I keep going over in my head, what china and what kind of theme I’ll want to go with. Did I mention that it isn’t until May? Well, I’m just very excited, and it’s almost solely because I love china and dinnerware and flatware and being a fancy girl for a day.

So, in all my excitement I forced Adam to endure an impromptu trip to Macy’s to look at fine china. It was glorious, because I love looking at china. The china we registered for is a modest white china, by Crate & Barrel. My flatware is very nice Reed & Barton flatware, that I still adore 100%. I love the weight, the feel, the classic lines. It will truely never go out of style. I do have a finer china set, with fancy teacups, a beverage pot and it might even be a service for 12. However, that china is from when I was about 15, not nearly grown up enough to pick out a china. I feel like sometime in my life, I am going to want a more traditional china than my plain white stuff. While we were there we wandered over to the flatware. Let me tell you, they had some fancy flatware. Some SUPER fancy silverware at $400 a setting too! Granted it was gorgeous, but I could never justify that much money on silverware. So, I thought, if I have fancy china, I would want fancier flatware to go with this fancier china.


I have a new “thing”. Incase you are unware, Adam and I have put ourselves on a budget. It makes good sense, because realistically, we need to save for a house and pay down some debt. So, all-in-all, it’s a smart plan. Fact about myself: I like to shop. I think a nice eclectic set of fancier flatware would be perfect to compliment my china, and at ¢20 a piece in thrift stores, it’s a total score. I’ve already found 4 pieces that I adore. I love the thrill of the hunt 🙂


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