It’s coming!


If you’re visiting my site for the first time because of something you purchased at said Bazaar, then WELCOME!! I’ll be listing more rags and hair clips after the Bazaar is over in my Etsy shop!

I’ve worked diligentlyon these goodies that I prepared for my Grandma’s craft bazaar. I did these things I call Rags. I got the concept making burp rags for some friends who were having babies. I started using one of them for cleaning around the house, and presto, Rags was born. You can using them for anything from dusting, dishes, cleaning, burping, washing, whatever. So, I made those, and I made hair clips. Two small things. I priced the hair clips at $3 each and the rags are $6-$8 each. We’ll see how they do this weekend. If all goes well, then I’ve got something going here. What I don’t sell at the Bazaar, I’ll be listing on Etsy (and possibly giving some as Christmas gifts).


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