A While Ago

IMG_5672Our power went out, and we spent the evening playing Triple Yahtzee with Yoji and Wicket. We found ourselves severely under-prepared. Thankfully, I knew that we had a flashlight, where it was and where our camping lantern (battery powered) was. I also, was clever enough to fashion these two candle holders. I’m pretty awesome.


That’s right, they’re corn kernels. Don’t worry, I’m not going to use them now. I might need candle holders again. On a side note, Adam bought those candles for me when he was in Germany at the age of 16, and just recently brought them to me from his parents house. They’ve been sitting at his parents, because he misplaced them when he got back. Good thing I can still enjoy them now 🙂


Happy Birthday Babe


For all the great blessings you’ve been a part of and given to me, I appreciate you. You’re always there to ground me and help me see through the worry. I love you. Happy Birthday!

Etsy Update – A La Vintage

So, as is usual for my Saturday mornings, I began my regular route of thrifting. In my travels today I found this cute puppy!IMG_5776

And, since I have no need for two labelers, I’ve listed the less colorful version in my Etsy shop here! (What good fortune for you?!)

Please check out my shop, cause I came across some old magazines and decided I couldn’t just toss them, I pulled out the ads instead and listed them. Some of them seem to be desired, but we’ll see where it goes from here.

You’ll see some cute vintage Christmas cards too!



Also ran into two of these today, how crazy!


Photo Booth Fun

Photo 57

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Had some fun with the kitties last night and Photo Booth. This program always makes me laugh to the point of tears. Wouldn’t this make a great Halloween card? I think so, maybe spookify it first.

That's actually Wicket, but all you can see is his eyes, kinda erie, eh?

That's actually Wicket, but all you can see is his eyes, kinda erie, eh?

I noticed I’m much better at updating this thing when I’m not working…oh well I guess. Did you know that they started selling film in 12 exposure increments? When the heck did that happen?!

We're totally perfect for each other...

We're totally perfect for each other...

Anyway, I’ll have a nice update on Saturday for you 🙂

Coming My Way


I’ve been looking high and low for a comfortable pair of cute shoes that I could wear with a skirt and with jeans. These puppies walked into my life tonight, and I’ll get them delivered to my home within the week.

Lately I’ve been loving vintage magazines: I would love to crack one open and see what goodies are inside…Harpers_Bazaar_April_1943.60151705Good Housekeeping-1954-1