Dreaming of Tattoos

I got this tattoo in around last April, I guess. I love it. It’s only the best thing in the world. That’s my maiden name, and the flowers are Sampagita (Jasminum sambac), the Philippine national flower. The smell of them just brings back a million memories from running around the palengke and putting flowers on the altar. All good memories, that are very close and dear to my heart. IMG_4601

Anyone who has tattoos (this was my second) know that they are kind of addictive. I waited 6 years between my tattoos because I didn’t want to get the second one just because I wanted more. We’ll I’ve been thinking about a third one, already and the great Elsie posted this picture. I’ve long known that I want it to incorporate crafts and domesticity, but I adore this lady’s, she seems pretty rockin’. I would probably go more along the lines of thread, needles, scissors, glue – or I could go baking. I’m not really sure, but I have time to figure it out.

Sewing Tattoo


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