Crafty Goodness – Manger Scene Update

Check this out, it’s pretty sweet. I’m VERY excited to have the two accompanying pieces this far along for my manger scene. No doubt this puppy will be done by the time Christmas decorating roles around. It’s bright and fun, so, all the things Christmas should be in the dark, depressing, death of winter. (Ignore the facial hair of ungroomed hottie in the background and try to control yourselves.) I was going to do a plain black staff, but then thought that wouldn’t really flow with the whole concept of this piece and having all the whimsical prints.


I’ve been wanting to try hexagons for awhile now. It seemed like something good to take up time on the couch and this combined with this totally inspired me. Wouldn’t a bright fun hexagon patch look fantastic on a special chair or something? Not only was I able to make substantial progress on my manger scene, but I also decided to give them a try. I was at the quilt shop and saw the little paper pieces, and after reading this over at Posie Gets Cozy, (LOVE that she doesn’t trim pieces in a hexagon!) it didn’t seem to be as intimidating. I was most intrigued by the way it could allow me to utilize my scraps. Doing the manger scene gave me a ton of scraps. So far, I’m pretty impressed with myself.


I had a whole section filled with just scraps, but I ripped the whole thing out, because it just looked too messy. So, I added these pieces of white kona cotton and it seems to do just the trick. Most of the time I’m seen people do these ,they ten to make each little round thing of seven pieces and then combine all those rounds. I just decided to build on mine. I might regret that decision later, cause onces it gets bigger, it could be a little unruly to deal with. We’ll just have to wait and see.


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