Bubble Bubble Bubble

I’m bubbling over here. Just bubbling…itching…soon bursting.

Something else, though. Crush Fabric Soft Opening. A new fabric store in Seattle, yay! Nevermind that I only live at the north tip of Lake Washington and Google Maps tells me it will take 40 minutes to get there. Beautiful photo taken by Ms Chara Michelle over at http://sewclickcreate.com/blog/ (not sure why the watermark didn’t come over??). She’s got some fun stuff over on her blog too 🙂Crush Fabric


Why Not?

First off, did you know Full Throttle makes a Mocha flavored energy beverage? I couldn’t help but purchase it. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Mocha Full Throttle

1. Show us the inside of something cute


2. What’s the last home cooking you had? My mother in law had lasagna on Saturday

3. What do you miss? (no dead people please) What I weighed in high school and wearing a watch

4. What makes you laugh often? This guy:


5. What’s your favorite word? Oh, I have several. Touche, awkward and uber are currently topping the list.

6. What are you trying to quit? I can’t quit you…..nothing significant. Mostly, just spending money.

7. What’s your favorite commercial right now? The e-Trade commercial you can see here

8. Whose style do you dig? I’ve got three favorites:

Zooey Deschanel zooeydeschanel Catherine Zeta-Jones – who, by the way, would play me if there were ever a movie of my life. Topher would play Adam. catherine_zeta_jones_06

AND I have a definite love/hate relationship with Gwen Stefani. She’s really two people. I like her in these, but not her No Doubt, weird hair, in your face style. gwen-stefaniGwen

9. Link to a great blog you’ve discovered lately… A Beautiful Mess

10. What’s the last craft you made? This…


11. A photo of the last happy mail you got : I don’t have happy mail 😦

12. Something you’ve got lately? IMG_5595

13. What are you looking forward to? The weekend!!

14. Post a recent snapshot of yourself. I’m the one with the dark hair. IMG_5579

15. Recent Favorite Movie? I liked The Hangover and Inglorious Basterds, but I don’t know that I’d call them favorites. Nothing Recent

16. Something you’re working on right now? Burp cloths and cleaning my house

17. If a movie were made about you, who would play you? Please see #8

18. What gives you goosebumps? kisses on the back of my neck

19. Share a new obsession. I want this, I want it bad. Fuji Instax Mini


20. What’s the meaning of your life? To create and live!!

Because I needed more projects on my to-do list

Another fun weekend! We’ve been really trying to save funds, so, needless to say, we’ve been trying not to go out a whole lot. Friday, I felt like a treat though and we had both been really wanting to see Inglorious Basterds. So, we splurged, for pop-corn and everything. My take on the movie: Parts of the movie were down right hilarious, and though it dealt with a very serious subject, with a completely fictional story, Quentin did a fantastic job of weaving humor into it. For some reason, even the characteristically Tarantino parts that visually grossed me out, made me laugh. All-in-all I say this is a definite “must see” and am not disappointed that I went.

Saturday was no disappointment in my book either, though I can’t really remember what I did. Oh, that’s right, I discovered The United States of Tara and Showtime On Demand. Oh, how I’ve missed The Tudors. Six months of free Showtime is sure to be a real treat!

Also on Saturday, I picked up this sweet fabric, because Pacific Fabrics had a sale on Amy Butler (ooh la la). This will be the new fabric for my frumpy old dining room chairs, when we finally buy a house :). I might have to go get a chair from my storage, so that I can do one, cause I’m uber eager.


I also got my shiz together and baked some banana bread. Let’s say it wasn’t perfect, and what was with the kick of cinnamon, but hey, I ate it. I think the problem is routed in the fact that I made them in these giftable containers, instead of a standard bread pans.

Sunday, we had a wonderful pancake breakfast at Church and then followed up by Doing The Puyallup. It was a good time, and a tiring time. Aside from spending some time crunched up in the middle back seat of a Volvo, I had fun. I had a terrible headache when I got home though, so promptly went to bed.

Wonderful Weekend Fun

This post might be a little random, but that’s how I roll, if you haven’t noticed by now. Probably the most important revelation I had this weekend was what my title should be. I think my business cards should say something along the lines of Relentless Thrifter & Domestic Vixon as a title. It’s a work in progress, but I have high hopes for it.


1. Another reason to love Seattle is the beautiful freeways. Every time I have out of town guests, they are bewildered by the beauty of Washington. Driving under the Convention Center is one of my favorite pieces of freeway.

2. I’ve gotten in the habit of texting myself so that I can remember things I want to blog about, or tell Adam. It’s like having a personal twitter, or virtual notepad.

3. A thrift store opened up right next to my house, and it had a sign in the window that said, “Now Exception Your Donations”. I find it sad that they were losing credit with me before they even opened their doors. The kicker  is that it’s a non-profit for foster children. I hope the foster children get better educations than the facilitators of this store.

4. Saturday evening we hung out at our friends, Ben and Gina’s. It was a really good time, and spur of the moment. I had a lot of fun though, and perfect end to a Saturday evening.

5. Sunday I had breakfast with my friend Scott after church. It was really nice to visit for awhile and he picked up the tab, always a score. THANKS SCOTT!

6. My friend Becky is amazing. I’m always proud of her, even when she does dumb things. She’s come a long way and dealt with some struggles lately. I’m always appreciative of the staple and best friend she’s become in my life.

7. Sunday evening, I went to Chateau Ste Michelle for the Great Big Sea concert. Let’s start by saying that I am, by no means, a fan of this band. I had a really great time though. We danced, we drank, we ate and we laughed. We got Adam’s brother some tickets for his birthday because he’s a fan. It was an amazing time, even though “someone” got drunk and puked in my kitchen sink. By “someone”, I do not mean myself. Someone else who lives with me. Check out that awesome chair I’m sitting in. It’s metal and teal. Talk about a total thrifting score at $4 a piece. I picked up two 🙂


8. Yoji and Wicket are getting bigging, and their hair is also getting fuller, thicker and generally bigger. Talk about high maintenance.


9. Check out this pretty sweet mullet I spotted down in Seattle today. It’s rare to find the endangered Asian Mullet, so I could not resist taking a pic, I only wish I were closer.


10. I am off work until Thursday. Today Adam and I ran to Pike Place and West Seattle. We didn’t buy anything but chowder, but it was fun. We did discover this guy. His name is Mr. Dan and he has some pretty sweet gear. Fell in love with a couple paintings.

Off to eat dinner and clean a little 🙂

Dreaming of Tattoos

I got this tattoo in around last April, I guess. I love it. It’s only the best thing in the world. That’s my maiden name, and the flowers are Sampagita (Jasminum sambac), the Philippine national flower. The smell of them just brings back a million memories from running around the palengke and putting flowers on the altar. All good memories, that are very close and dear to my heart. IMG_4601

Anyone who has tattoos (this was my second) know that they are kind of addictive. I waited 6 years between my tattoos because I didn’t want to get the second one just because I wanted more. We’ll I’ve been thinking about a third one, already and the great Elsie posted this picture. I’ve long known that I want it to incorporate crafts and domesticity, but I adore this lady’s, she seems pretty rockin’. I would probably go more along the lines of thread, needles, scissors, glue – or I could go baking. I’m not really sure, but I have time to figure it out.

Sewing Tattoo

Crafty Goodness – Manger Scene Update

Check this out, it’s pretty sweet. I’m VERY excited to have the two accompanying pieces this far along for my manger scene. No doubt this puppy will be done by the time Christmas decorating roles around. It’s bright and fun, so, all the things Christmas should be in the dark, depressing, death of winter. (Ignore the facial hair of ungroomed hottie in the background and try to control yourselves.) I was going to do a plain black staff, but then thought that wouldn’t really flow with the whole concept of this piece and having all the whimsical prints.


I’ve been wanting to try hexagons for awhile now. It seemed like something good to take up time on the couch and this combined with this totally inspired me. Wouldn’t a bright fun hexagon patch look fantastic on a special chair or something? Not only was I able to make substantial progress on my manger scene, but I also decided to give them a try. I was at the quilt shop and saw the little paper pieces, and after reading this over at Posie Gets Cozy, (LOVE that she doesn’t trim pieces in a hexagon!) it didn’t seem to be as intimidating. I was most intrigued by the way it could allow me to utilize my scraps. Doing the manger scene gave me a ton of scraps. So far, I’m pretty impressed with myself.


I had a whole section filled with just scraps, but I ripped the whole thing out, because it just looked too messy. So, I added these pieces of white kona cotton and it seems to do just the trick. Most of the time I’m seen people do these ,they ten to make each little round thing of seven pieces and then combine all those rounds. I just decided to build on mine. I might regret that decision later, cause onces it gets bigger, it could be a little unruly to deal with. We’ll just have to wait and see.