Thinking about being creative…


Check out these cute finds. I’m really in love with this vintage style Christmas print.


These fun prints are great too. Can you see the aprons and pot holders that will be created with this? Beautiful. That print on the bottom of the pic is all tips on how to catch a husband, ala vintage.


This inspired me the other day. So much so, that I actually tried it. Mine was not as pretty, but I get the idea, and am glad I attempted it. I’m not sure what I would actually use this for. It would be a nice pillow I suppose. It does take a bit of time, and the pater part is annoying, but not unbearable. I perforated the lines before I sewed, just to make super sure that they would tear away easily enough. Another change I made, was that I sewed with the paper side up. It helped insure that I was actually following the lines I was supposed to! I was thinking that I this would be the perfect type of block for those charm packs that I love so much, and never know what to do with.

Also, I found my camera strap. Which is exciting, cause now I can disect it, and make a patchwork version!

Even more exciting yet, is that I pulled out that manger scene patter, and started on the two side pieces.

EVEN MORE EXCITING: my great friend Ben and his lady friend Gina had their very first baby girl last night at 11:19pm. I can’t wait to meet her!


One thought on “Thinking about being creative…

  1. Hey Asia!! CUTE CUTE CUTE prints you got ahold of there! I am thinking of having a booth at a holiday bazzar this November. I haven’t quiet made that 100% yet, depends on how much stuff I get done in the next couple weeks. 🙂 Where’d you get those prints? I need to get out to get some holiday stuff.

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