Good Food and Community Sustained Agriculture

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I whipped this up last night with a recipe from Smitten Kitchen, Roasted Carrot and Avocado. I forgot to take pictures with the avodaco in it.

I didn’t have any cumin, so I substituted chili powder. Cumin is just Spanish Chili Powder, so it works right. It had a nice spice, but not over bearing. IT was actually quite filling, too. Adam is a fan of cooked carrots, and we had some great yellow carrots from Full Circle Farm. I get purple carrots today, oooh…

Which segweys into Community Sustained Agriculture (CSA)!! I participate in Full Circle Farm on a weekly basis. It’s $30 a week, for a small box. I think this box could easily feed 3-4 people. They have delivery locations all over King County, I think some Snohomish County too. So, they deliver my box every Wednesday, practically across the street!

My in-laws participated in some organic produce program last summer, with big disappointment. They would constantly get things that they didn’t like, or five billion squashes. It made me skeptical to try this. So, I’m going to share the reason that I decided to go for the gusto with this one. Every Friday I get an email with the list of items that I’ll find in my upcoming box. I have the entire weekend to log into my account and change up to four items in the box. Insuring that I don’t get things I HATE. PERFECTO people!! Also, you can put a few items on a list, that insures they will never be in your box. PLUS, when I pick up my new box, I drop off my old box, and they recycle it.

Another cool bit, is you can do bi-weekly boxes, or stop and start whenever you like, as there is no “contract” for a specified amount of time. That’s very helpful. For instance, I’m going on vacation the end of August, so I will simply stop my box for that week. 🙂

Previously, I have never given much thought to organic produce. I mean, it’s practically the same, just treated with more love, right? I could not have been more wrong. I have eaten foods, that I would have never picked up in a grocery store, and actually liked it. Adam even liked green grapes.

They are doing a summer referral program, so please mention me, if you sign-up. I highly recommend it!