Extended Weekend – Long Beach

This past weekend we took a jaunt over to Long Beach, WA and I got sick on our last night there. It sucked, we ended up leaving in the morning instead of the evening, the walls of the cabin were paper thin, so EVERYONE could hear me puking. My wonderful husband, took fantastic care of me though. He’s very sweet. I did manage to get some good photos while we were there though. This on is probably my favorite. Adam took it, so here it is straight out of the camera:


And then I took it, and made it prettier: Sharper waves, more color pop…with the focus on the people…

AsiaBlueBeach1 copy

Here are a couple of other shots I messed with and got something I liked….

Popcorn2 JaydenBeach3 IMG_5114 IMG_5077

We brought my brother’s dog, Blue. It confused the heck out of my nephew, and he kept calling the family dog, Sasquatch, White, because she’s white, and if he’s blue, then she’s clearly white. Very cute…

Anyway, it was nice to get away. On Tuesday morning we headed up through Portland to visit Grandpa Fullmer. He seemed to be doing good, and went in for another surgery on Thursday. Reports so far are good, but we’re always waiting for more news. The man is ninety, and he’s had an amazing life.

Made my way to thrift a tad today, so if you’d like one of these beauties, check out my Etsy shop, and feel free to order. I love Vintage Pyrex. This blue bowl is in amazing condition, and I have a yellow daisy, 4 quart one in my shop that is in equally amazing shape…you should check it out….. http://www.asiakief.etsy.com

IMG_5132 IMG_5126


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