Off Camping in Chelan

I’ll be melting in the 90+ degrees of excruciating heat for the next four days. Just family, no skeeves or skanks. Good thing I’m so prone to heat stroke…

Pics when I return!


New Family – YAY!


Meet Yoji (grey) and Wicket (black). They just joined our family. Yoji is 3 months and Wicket is 4 months old. They look much larger than they actually are, cause of their hair.

When Teek passed away, I made the statement that I didn’t ever want to have just one pet again. I couldn’t put all my emotionally vested eggs in one basket, because the sadness of a completely empty home was just too much. So, apparently, my husband schemed with my mother, and decided I should get two. I knew I was going to be getting Wicket, but I had no idea about Yoji. Two is a handful, and I can’t believe how much busier a two cat litter box is.

They are so perfect they could both be in Fancy Feast commercials. They are adorable, cuddly, purry and wonderful. It’s hard to be at work, when I know two kittens are hanging out at home, waiting to be played with.

Yoji is already super comfortable in the house running around everywhere. Wicket is a little hesitant, but usually good if it’s just Adam and I hanging out. Yoji is a bit of a firecracker. He’s always running around. Wicket is a total cuddle cat, and you have to be careful if you fall asleep on the couch cause he’ll totally sit on your face. I think I’ve already decided that they are fine roaming the main part of the house, they seem to be really good about going in the litter  box, and they know where their food and water is. Plus, Wicket meows like crazy (he’s entirely too vocal in general) when you lock him in the bathroom, and they kept knocking all my stuff in the shower over. Speaking of water, Yoji is water bottle trained, and Wicket is on his way. With such smushy faces, they tend to get their whole face wet if they drink from a dish. Plus, I can keep a better eye on their water intake.

In other, domestic news: I started working on the other two pieces that go with this piece… That’s right, I am working on a project I started awhile ago. It’s three pieces, and I finished the first one last year. I decided to tag team the remaining two pieces. Good so far, I am having trouble picking out colors though. I was finally able to locate the rest of my fabric in storage, so I hope to make some more progress before camping on Friday!

Thinking about being creative…


Check out these cute finds. I’m really in love with this vintage style Christmas print.


These fun prints are great too. Can you see the aprons and pot holders that will be created with this? Beautiful. That print on the bottom of the pic is all tips on how to catch a husband, ala vintage.


This inspired me the other day. So much so, that I actually tried it. Mine was not as pretty, but I get the idea, and am glad I attempted it. I’m not sure what I would actually use this for. It would be a nice pillow I suppose. It does take a bit of time, and the pater part is annoying, but not unbearable. I perforated the lines before I sewed, just to make super sure that they would tear away easily enough. Another change I made, was that I sewed with the paper side up. It helped insure that I was actually following the lines I was supposed to! I was thinking that I this would be the perfect type of block for those charm packs that I love so much, and never know what to do with.

Also, I found my camera strap. Which is exciting, cause now I can disect it, and make a patchwork version!

Even more exciting yet, is that I pulled out that manger scene patter, and started on the two side pieces.

EVEN MORE EXCITING: my great friend Ben and his lady friend Gina had their very first baby girl last night at 11:19pm. I can’t wait to meet her!

New Love

During the hot spell we had I made a pretty sweet discovery. It was this sweet wine by Barefoot for a steal at $6 a bottle. AND, they have the big bottles of it too for only $8, talk about one happy lady. If you like sweet wine, you should check it out!IMG_5147

Ignore the crap on my counter. Honest, it’s not normally this filthy, ha.

Good Food and Community Sustained Agriculture

IMG_5133 IMG_5139

I whipped this up last night with a recipe from Smitten Kitchen, Roasted Carrot and Avocado. I forgot to take pictures with the avodaco in it.

I didn’t have any cumin, so I substituted chili powder. Cumin is just Spanish Chili Powder, so it works right. It had a nice spice, but not over bearing. IT was actually quite filling, too. Adam is a fan of cooked carrots, and we had some great yellow carrots from Full Circle Farm. I get purple carrots today, oooh…

Which segweys into Community Sustained Agriculture (CSA)!! I participate in Full Circle Farm on a weekly basis. It’s $30 a week, for a small box. I think this box could easily feed 3-4 people. They have delivery locations all over King County, I think some Snohomish County too. So, they deliver my box every Wednesday, practically across the street!

My in-laws participated in some organic produce program last summer, with big disappointment. They would constantly get things that they didn’t like, or five billion squashes. It made me skeptical to try this. So, I’m going to share the reason that I decided to go for the gusto with this one. Every Friday I get an email with the list of items that I’ll find in my upcoming box. I have the entire weekend to log into my account and change up to four items in the box. Insuring that I don’t get things I HATE. PERFECTO people!! Also, you can put a few items on a list, that insures they will never be in your box. PLUS, when I pick up my new box, I drop off my old box, and they recycle it.

Another cool bit, is you can do bi-weekly boxes, or stop and start whenever you like, as there is no “contract” for a specified amount of time. That’s very helpful. For instance, I’m going on vacation the end of August, so I will simply stop my box for that week. 🙂

Previously, I have never given much thought to organic produce. I mean, it’s practically the same, just treated with more love, right? I could not have been more wrong. I have eaten foods, that I would have never picked up in a grocery store, and actually liked it. Adam even liked green grapes.

They are doing a summer referral program, so please mention me, if you sign-up. I highly recommend it!

Extended Weekend – Long Beach

This past weekend we took a jaunt over to Long Beach, WA and I got sick on our last night there. It sucked, we ended up leaving in the morning instead of the evening, the walls of the cabin were paper thin, so EVERYONE could hear me puking. My wonderful husband, took fantastic care of me though. He’s very sweet. I did manage to get some good photos while we were there though. This on is probably my favorite. Adam took it, so here it is straight out of the camera:


And then I took it, and made it prettier: Sharper waves, more color pop…with the focus on the people…

AsiaBlueBeach1 copy

Here are a couple of other shots I messed with and got something I liked….

Popcorn2 JaydenBeach3 IMG_5114 IMG_5077

We brought my brother’s dog, Blue. It confused the heck out of my nephew, and he kept calling the family dog, Sasquatch, White, because she’s white, and if he’s blue, then she’s clearly white. Very cute…

Anyway, it was nice to get away. On Tuesday morning we headed up through Portland to visit Grandpa Fullmer. He seemed to be doing good, and went in for another surgery on Thursday. Reports so far are good, but we’re always waiting for more news. The man is ninety, and he’s had an amazing life.

Made my way to thrift a tad today, so if you’d like one of these beauties, check out my Etsy shop, and feel free to order. I love Vintage Pyrex. This blue bowl is in amazing condition, and I have a yellow daisy, 4 quart one in my shop that is in equally amazing shape…you should check it out…..

IMG_5132 IMG_5126