Scrapbook: Grandpa’s 90th


Just for the record, since there seem to be quite a few baby related items on the blog these days, I do not have any children, and I am not pregnant with any children.

Here is the 90th birthday album I did for Adam/my Grandpa. Yeah, he’s getting up there. There are a ton of pictures, which I struggled with a bit. Some stories to incorporate, etc. I’m a big fan of embellishments, etc. and I just had a hard time time finding my zhen with this one. Mailed it off via priority on Saturday. I hope he loves it!


In other news, a bunch of people saw my blog this weekend. That is exciting, and I just like it when people see pictures of what I do, even though a large part of my hobbies are very similar to hobbies of ladies that are much older than me. Shut up! I’m feeling like a lot of my projects are wrapping up. The scrapbook is done, finished some baby shower gifts, worked on shower gifts for this weekend… Still some work to be done, but I feel a little more like I can focus on myself, and the things I really want to be doing. Which is very, very good indeed.

I need to schedule some vacation time too, and I’m not doing so well with that, cause I’m having a hard time deciding on dates.


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