Baby Gifts Galore


What have I spent my Saturday day morning accomplishing? Baby gifts. My co-worker Sarelle is having a baby shower today, and though we did a group gift from our department, I really wanted to do something of my own. So, I picked up some more fashionable, not say baby blue fabrics and sewed up a couple things.


First I did this travel changing pad, because, let’s face it, who wants to lay their baby directly on one of those groddy plastic things in the store bathroom? Not I. I struggled with adding some sort of closure to this, like Velcro. I decided not to, because it would be hard to roll it up in the exact same manner every time, and match up the Velcro pieces. That would take too much time, and would make the product less convenient. There is a pocket at the bottom that can fit some travel wipes, and a few diapers in it The inside is lined with a soft fabric. I love this, and it took less than an hour to whip up.


Then I took some organic cloth diapers, (honestly reminded me of a really thick cheese cloth, so I’m not sure how well they would work as actual diapers), and turned them into some burp rags. While I was at it, I sewed together a couple for my friend Ben’s upcoming baby girl. I’m in love with the girl fabrics. They are adorable.


I know you’re all wondering how you could buy some of these burp clothes, right? Email me,

That’s all for now.


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