Scrapbook: Grandpa’s 90th


Just for the record, since there seem to be quite a few baby related items on the blog these days, I do not have any children, and I am not pregnant with any children.

Here is the 90th birthday album I did for Adam/my Grandpa. Yeah, he’s getting up there. There are a ton of pictures, which I struggled with a bit. Some stories to incorporate, etc. I’m a big fan of embellishments, etc. and I just had a hard time time finding my zhen with this one. Mailed it off via priority on Saturday. I hope he loves it!


In other news, a bunch of people saw my blog this weekend. That is exciting, and I just like it when people see pictures of what I do, even though a large part of my hobbies are very similar to hobbies of ladies that are much older than me. Shut up! I’m feeling like a lot of my projects are wrapping up. The scrapbook is done, finished some baby shower gifts, worked on shower gifts for this weekend… Still some work to be done, but I feel a little more like I can focus on myself, and the things I really want to be doing. Which is very, very good indeed.

I need to schedule some vacation time too, and I’m not doing so well with that, cause I’m having a hard time deciding on dates.


Baby Gifts Galore


What have I spent my Saturday day morning accomplishing? Baby gifts. My co-worker Sarelle is having a baby shower today, and though we did a group gift from our department, I really wanted to do something of my own. So, I picked up some more fashionable, not say baby blue fabrics and sewed up a couple things.


First I did this travel changing pad, because, let’s face it, who wants to lay their baby directly on one of those groddy plastic things in the store bathroom? Not I. I struggled with adding some sort of closure to this, like Velcro. I decided not to, because it would be hard to roll it up in the exact same manner every time, and match up the Velcro pieces. That would take too much time, and would make the product less convenient. There is a pocket at the bottom that can fit some travel wipes, and a few diapers in it The inside is lined with a soft fabric. I love this, and it took less than an hour to whip up.


Then I took some organic cloth diapers, (honestly reminded me of a really thick cheese cloth, so I’m not sure how well they would work as actual diapers), and turned them into some burp rags. While I was at it, I sewed together a couple for my friend Ben’s upcoming baby girl. I’m in love with the girl fabrics. They are adorable.


I know you’re all wondering how you could buy some of these burp clothes, right? Email me,

That’s all for now.

Natural Cures

It all started with a gift of a water filter for our shower from my father-in-law. Along with that, Adam was given a book to read. (don’t pay attention to the fact that I swiped that from Amazon.)

Natural Cures

Randomly, last week, Adam started reading again. Shocker! I know, I almost fell over. He’s never really been the reading type. Anyway, being curious about all the things he was telling me I picked the book up myself and gave it a once over. My conclusion is that there is some good stuff in there, but it’s really about picking and choosing what can and will fit in your life style.  I’ve put together this list of my notes:

  • Skin is the largest organism and we absorb alarge portion of toxins through it
    • Good thing I have that filter on my shower head!!
    • I knew there was a reason I didn’t like drinking tap water!
    • I’m going to use sunscreen very sparingly. People in Africa don’t have high rates of skin cancer and there are positive effects of the sun being on your skin. PLUS, sunscreen is really just a shit ton of chemicals.
  • Clean food is really important! Here are things I’ve begun doing to make my eating clearner
    • Full Circle Farm, a Community Sustained Agriculture program. All organic produce delivered weekly. Seriously,  you should check it out, cause it’s amazing, and I love it.  I’ll do another post solely on them, cause I love them that much.
    • Read ingredient labels. Did you know that a shit ton of food has MSG in it again? Crazy and annoying.
    • Lots more shopping at Trader Joe’s and whole food markets. I’m going to be really sad when farmer’s markets are done for the year.
    • I’m not afraid of eggs despite my high cholesterol and their high amount of cholesterol. Do you know the difference between cage-free and free-range eggs? I’ll share since you might be too scared to ask.
      • Free Range – means they have regular access to the outdoors
      • Cage Free – just means they aren’t caged. No mention of whether they get to go outside or not.
      • Organic – though the diets fed to these chickens is organic, it in no way relates to them being Cage Free or Free Range

I’ve been thinking a lot about meat lately too. What kind of meat? I don’t ever want to be a vegetarian. I don’t think it’s all that healthy, and I think there is nothing wrong with the natural life cycle of all animals, and the food chain. While I don’t dislike anyone who is vegetarian, it’s just not for me.  I’m fine with you as long as you don’t try to convert me. I am Catholic, but I’m not shoving it down anyone’s throat. So, organic meat is supposed to be the very best for you. However, it’s a billion dollars a pound, and I can’t really afford that, and Costco doesn’t sell organic meat. Therefore, I’ll need a substantial raise to be able to afford to eat cleaner. Do you think my boss will see that same logic?


That’s me, getting off my soap box.

A Good Start


This morning, after I grabbed coffee, cause I was up entirely too late last night with a conference call, I stopped to get a sleeve at the little stand with straws and sugar. Despite the alarming indications from the news that the temperatures would soar to the 80’s today, a scalding cup of coffee sounded like a wonderful idea. A man stopped at the stand and looked intently at me as he uttered, “Good Morning, how are you?.” I smiled back, it was entirely too early to be surly, and returned a, “I’m well, how are you?” All the while staring into my eyes he returned with, “Well. You have a beautiful smile. You’re a beautiful lady.”

Now, I have to say, that after the awkward eye lock ended, I reflected to find myself smiling at the compliment and thanking the man.

Good start to Wednesday.