Crafty Craft Crafterson: Baby Quilt


See, I said I’d get something domestic up. What could be more domestic than sewing and babies? Here is a beautiful baby quilt I made. I really enjoyed making this quilt. The satisfaction of finishing up that last piece of binding is wonderful. I was trying to use up stash pieces, so you’ll notice two types of binding on here, but no matter, still looks cute! This would be a perfect baby boy quilt. I still have to wash it one more time with fabric softener and probably stitch the year made in the corner, I might give it as a gift. I still haven’t decided what’s happening with it. I kept the quilting fairly simplistic, cause machine quilting still scares me. I would hate to mess it up. Here are some front and back photos:



I just love these little adorable jungle animals! Especially the owl. Just makes me happy 🙂IMG_5000

Check out these cute little chicken feet. Note to self, remember if directional fabrics are going to piss you off during construction next time before you decide to use it as one of your main fabrics. Getting all those fee to point the same direction wasn’t that hard, but I definitely had to rip out some seems and redo them.


I’m working on a scrapbook. More tomorrow? Maybe, I don’t want to commit to it yet :0


2 thoughts on “Crafty Craft Crafterson: Baby Quilt

  1. I LOVE that animal print on the back of this! WHat is it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it! You used it so well, and I totally hear you on directional prints, they are a pain but I still find myself using them and messing up all the time. Thanks for stopping by and linking! -Allison

  2. Beautiful work, Asia! I love the color combos. You should quit your day job and go all out into crafting. 🙂

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