I promise, I’ll get actual domestic stuff up here soon…


I know! I’m terrible at actually posting domestic related topics lately. BUT this isn’t only an outlet for my dometicity, but also for my life. Hence last post. This weekend, I promise. I have a blanket to share, along with the beginnings of a scrapbook for my Grandpa.

This is my Godson, he’s adorable. I give real credit to his parents, because he’s wonderfully behaved. It’s kids like him that make me think, “sure, I can do this one day.”

Anyway: The blanket is true baby blanket quilt fashion. I have to wash it one more time, with softener, and I think it will be good to go. It’s adorable, and I heart it!

I made soup last night, with chicken broth. I added celery, mushrooms, potatoes, cabbage, bow tie pasta, and carrots. I also grilled up some bell peppers for my hubby. That’s right, I used the BBQ. I even started it myself. So, he tells me that both were very good. Confession: I’ve never made a soup, and I kinda think he might be a liar. He always says everything I make is good. It’s hard to decipher. On the one hand, I’m awesome, so that could be a fairly accurate answer to anything I make. On the other hand, he does love me, and therefore creates answers like that to please me. He’s not he confrontational type. Not that I’d be confrontational if he didn’t like my food, but I’d be sad.

Now, if I just compare myself to my brother’s girlfriends, I’m ten times the wife they’ll ever be, for my cooking and sewing skills alone. I’m not knocking them down, they just have different skills. Does it really matter when you’re in love? I sometimes meet people and find out they have a boyfriend/husband/wife etc..and think “how the heck did they get someone to love them?!”. But that’s just it! To the world you might be one person; but to one person, you are the whole world. Life is funny.


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