Sad Day

It’s been a sad couple weeks for me. A combination of things that occured in the last two weeks, that have made me feel like the world is working against me.

It all started on Wendesday, June 10th. I fell down cement stairs, and practically killed my leg. It was hideous, and painful, but I pushed through. Injuries happen, no reason we can’t keep living.

Then, on Friday, worst news ever. My beautiful baby, Teek. My beautiful Himalayan cat, with piercing blue eyes and more love for me than anyone in the world. My amazing, wonderful and comforting cat, had to be put to sleep. Still not sure what exactly led to his kidney’s failing, but something led there, and it happened. It was painful, still is, and hard.

DSC01463 (2)

I know this is sad to talk about or read about, but I can’t let him go without being remembered. The hardest parts are coming home, and knowing that he won’t be sitting at the door waiting. I hate being alone in my house. Nobody to sit on my lap while I’m on the computer, or walk all over my scrapbooking while I’m working on it. Nobody to drag poops out of the litter box, and nobody to sneeze goobers all over the wall by his food. Nobody to eat my house plants, or scurry across the floor in the middle of the night.

It’s been very, very hard. I miss him, I’ll always miss him…


One thought on “Sad Day

  1. Sorry to hear about Teek. His eyes are radiating. Pets become a part of our heart. It is very difficult to deal with their death. I had a cat like Teek, Tom. He beat kitty leukemia twice, but had to be put to sleep too. He is in kitty Heaven. Sorry about your leg too.
    Peace & Poetry,

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