7 things that exude my awesomeness


I didn’t get tagged, but thought that this might be valuable information for people who are not already “in the know” about the radiant awesomeness that is me. So, with just a little further ado, here are seven random things, that clearly show I’m awesome.

 – I randomly make things like bags with golf related fabric for my DH who works at a private golf club. He takes it to work every day = awesome

– I’m great at thrifting, and find the most awesome deals, like this bench thingy. Wait till you see it finished = awesome

– I make food pretty, for God’s sake, I even have a shaker for powder sugar on french toast = awesome

– I can keep myself busy for a whole day, maybe even two, just doing random stuff = awesome

– The gifts I make people are better than anything you could buy, and I’m not just saying that because I’ve decided to handmake all Christmas gifts from now on = awesome

– When I get hit in the head with a golf ball at close range, I don’t fall down, I just take it. People have died from being hit in the head with a golf ball, not me. = awesome

– My Cher impersonation is spot on, just as terrible and amazing as she is = awesome


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