Far too long

It’s been far too long since I’ve updated. There are a lot of things happening in my life lately.

We listed our condo a couple weeks ago. Nobody has looked at it yet, but I’m hopeful that it will happen, and not take a million years. In preperation for moving, we are cancelling our cable, we just haven’t picked an exact date for that.

I’m still loving my new job. I love the hours I work. Getting home at 3 in the afternoon is amazing. The only downside I see,  is that it’s hard to get going so early in the morning and I always feel like taking a nap around 7pm. I have also learned that if I take a nap anytime after seven, that I will gladly sleep through until the next morning.

Memorial Day Weekend was fantastic. It had been a ridiculously long time since I had a full weekend of no obligations.

Saturday, I had a wonderful day at the Woodland Park Zoo with my friend Scott and his children. Then, after Adam got off work, we headed to a friends for BBQ, and then we watched the Sounders game at our friends, Bryce and Elece’s place. It was a great evening.


Sunday: We putzed around during the morning, taking care of a couple little things and headed out to Folklife in downtown Seattle. It’s great because it’s free to get in. They have amazing food all over the place, including roasted corn, and elephant ears (my two all time favorite fair/festival foods!). And the people watching, oh my goodness, the people watching! You can get some of the most fantastic people watching done at Folklife. B&E joined us, our friend Justin Hillgrove  was there and finally got to see Adam’s tattoo, all in all a good time.



Sunday, we went kayaking with my brother on Lake Washington. It was my first time kayaking and I had a fun time. I think Adam complained more than I did, though. The boat wasn’t made for tall men to do the pedal steering, ha. That evening I had really sore arms, and the next day my abs were terribly sore. However, I did have a good time. It was fun, and I could see myself kayaking again, sometime.


So, all-in-all, a perfectly good Memorial Day Weekend. 🙂


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