Busy Busy Bee

Sorry for no pictures: I posted from work.

So many things are on my plate right now that I am a little over whelmed. Last week I had things going on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evening. This week I’ve got/had things going on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evening. Granted, I know my own calendar and it’s my own fault for over-booking myself.

                Monday night was bowling night. Of course, it’s always fun, especially since we win. I have to tell you that our performance, to some of us, was slightly more than disappointing. We still won and all, but that performance will not insure that we win the league. Whatever, though. We’ll do better next week.

                Tuesday night (tonight) is my monthly WOW (Women of Wonder) night. It’s Bunco night and it seems like a fun game. I’ve never played, but it doesn’t seem too difficult. What doesn’t sound fun is spending an evening away from my husband. I don’t know why, but lately, I’ve felt a very strong attachment to him. Meaning, I like him around, I like being in the same room with him and snuggling on the couch. I haven’t been going through anything terribly traumatic, but I just feel like I need him there with me. I’ve been trying to refocus my life goals. It’s not about the money or the house or the places we’ve traveled. It’s about life, and us and being happy. So, I’ve been evaluating what I think is required to make me happy. Even if I live in my small condo for the rest of my life and never have babies or go on fantastic vacations, I’ll still be happy. I’m focusing on being happy with all the glorious blessings God has granted us. Adam makes me happy.

                Wednesday night I have nothing going on, and I’d like to keep it that way. I have to complete some homework for Thursday evening.  And maybe do some eBay listings. I relisted the 3 stamp sets that didn’t sell last go around, along with about nine others. Two of the relisted ones sold, but one didn’t. I’m not willing to give it up for less than I’m listing it. The other sets I’ve listed aren’t doing so hot. Out of the 9 or so, I think one has a bid and there is only one more day on the listing! Semi-scary.

                So, that brings us to Thursday night! I started a quilting class last Thursday evening. There are only two people in the class, which is perfect because I can ask all the questions I want. I’ve always known how to quilt, but I just felt like I needed someone to teach it to me. I have no idea how to hand quilt, which I’ll learn.  It’s fun. I think the instructor is excited that I have general sewing knowledge, can load my own bobbin and have rotary cutter experience. That’s right, I’m a rock star. I picked out three fabrics to make my very first official quilt, after I’ve had instruction. Let me just say that they are beautiful colors, and this will be one stunning tiny quilt. It’s small like a yard by a yard I think? Maybe slightly bigger, so I guess that means it’s a baby quilt. I’ll be sure to post the process. The class was only $50, and I like have designated time every week that I quilt. It’s  five classes over 6 weeks.

                That’s most of my week in a nutshell. Now I’m going to talk about other happenings. This past weekend, yes Valentine’s Day in fact, we drove down to Portland, with my BIL and sometimes screaming nephew all to attend my Grandpa’s 90th birthday party. There were 150+ people at this thing. Slightly overwhelming, but very endearing that he has reached so many wonderful people in his last 90 years. My Grandma has done me the extreme honor of asking if I would mind completing his scrapbook, which includes stories from people in his life, and pictures of course. My FIL gave a speech, which my DH thought was entirely too long. It was a little long, but funny, in a punny kinda way. (That’s how Kieffer’s make jokes, punnily.)

                What did I do for Valentine’s Day you ask? Well, I thought I was going to do nothing, and honestly, the whole thought of Valentine’s Day had kind of escaped my mind since we’d be driving down to Portland. Well, Friday morning, Adam mentions that I should dress in some nice slacks for work, because he’s an ass man, and he likes the way my badunkadunk looks in tight slacks. So I figure, what the hell, I have a lot of time to get ready anyway. While I’m at work, he informs me that Macy’s is having a good sale and some Ben Sherman stuff is on sale that he’d like to go take a look at. Would I meet him at the mall? I said I didn’t feel like it, but I would if that was what he wanted, though I did convince him to pick me up instead of meeting me.

                We get to the mall, and he said he needs to go to The Container Store for some dumb thing in his bathrooms at work, which is across the street from where we parked, but I said it made no logical sense to go their first. Let’s go to a couple other places in the mall first, then we’ll do Container Store last. He starts insisting, and finally, I start catching on. We are going to Palomino’s, one of my favorite restaurants. Of course he has reservations, of course there are flowers there for me. The card, so thoughtful, said, “What an appropriate night to celebrate our love, another Friday the 13th.” (err, something along those lines). We were married on a Friday the 13th. Also! We ended up getting new cell phones, cause his was a piece of crap, and we needed to renew our plan anyway. Pretty sweet. Oh, and we got soft serve cones on the way home too. Bonus to the bonus of cell phones. He really surprises me sometimes. J


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