Tea, Stamps, Dad, Bowls, etc…

I shook a Magic 8 Ball the other day and asked; Will my future in Vintage Kitchenware sales be great? Most definitely was the answer. Frickin Sweet.


Can you tell this is a random post, like all my posts? Problem is, I wait so long between postings,  that I have to jumble it all together. I think I’ve been quite successful in not posting very much in 2009, so far. Let’s get this ball rolling though, shall we?


I’ve been on a tea kick , lately. Two days or so to be more exact. So, I’ve been tasting, buying random teas. I tried 3 different teas on Thursday, and they were all disgusting. My usual problem is  that the tea is  fruity, or not sweet enough. One of the said disgusting, I added too much sugar to, hence, making it unbearably disgusting. Friday, I bought a couple tea bags from Mighty Leaf to try out. The Organic Breakfast was pretty good. The funny thing about these Mighty Leaf teas is that they are whole leaves, in a biodegradable pouch. You open it and the amount of tea looks tiny. Let it steep for a few minutes, and that sucker swells up. I like the look of it all swelled up.  I’ll try to update you on teas I really like/hate. Trader Joe’s: Cranberry Orange something or other, disgusting. (Unless you like fruity teas). Mighty Leaf: Organic Breakfast – pretty darn good.

I went through an epiphany last month. That I don’t want to and don’t have the time to do Stampin’ Up! I have so many crafts slash hobbies that I need to pick and focus on the ones I want. So, I picked sewing and scrapbooking. Now, I won’t officially be dropped from Stampin’ Up! until April, because of their new guidelines, and suspending the dropping of demonstrators. Part of me says: Just drop me already!! and part of me says: Yay, I still get the discount. But, who am I fooling? I can’t afford to buy stamps right now, and I just want to sell all my shit. That’s the bottom line. Adam helped me pull down all my sets that were no longer current, so that I could begin listing them on eBay. That is 41 sets in all. I estimate that I could potentially gain around $380 from selling these off. I seem to be fairly accurate so far. I’ve listed 22 items, so far, and 7 have sold, putting me $7.61 above target. A bunch more sets are due to end tomorrow, and I hope that brings good news as well. I think I might need offer up all my cardstock to my fellow demonstrators, and sell it off in one big lot. That would be super awesome, cause otherwise, it would just sit there.  I’ll look into that more, around dropping time though.

My father is notorious for not giving any form of notice before he flies in. He lives in the Philippines, and ALWAYS stays with me when he’s in town. Super Bowl Sunday, I get a text in the afternoon that informs me he lands in the morning. Thanks for the 12 hour notice ombre. So, he’s here now, and his plans to stay could be one week, or up to 3 months. He has some legal things to tie up before he goes back. It’s not that I don’t like having my dad around, it’s that I don’t like having no plan. I’m not very good at flying by the seat of my pants. It’s why I make lists, why I freak out when things aren’t going my way, and why I HATE to waist a Saturday. It’s just frustrating. However, I am glad my daddy is here.

My team: That’s What She Said, is back in action. We have a strong start too. We’ve got at least 4 points on every other team we have in the league. There is one person, that will probably end in the finals with us. Sofa King Great, we only beat them by 19 pins last week. Too close for comfort if you ask me.

I’ve started 3 sacks. One bag for donations to Goodwill, one bag for garbage, and one bag of stuff for my Dad to take back to the Philippines. I hope to make real progress this weekend, with those three categories. My list of things to do this Saturday is a little ridiculous.



I like my job. It keeps me busy, it teaches me new things, and the people are nice. However, I’ve lately come to realize that my work is run by internet Nazi’s. Yes, you read right, internet Nazi’s. My director fully acknowledges that our times are slow, and people might have extra time on their hands. There are not enough projects to go around in this world and some people are bound to have nothing to do. But, we must all delete all im’ing programs from our machines, and only use the internet during our lunch/break times. During said times, we should have our signs that clear indicate we are on break or lunch visible. So, you can understand my internet Nazi reference. I don’t think it should matter how much I’m on the internet, as long as my job gets done. End of story.


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