A Peek Into My Furture: 2009

DH came home one day (Dec 31st) with a  list of his goals for 2009. On that list? 2 hours or less of TV per day [unless it’s football season college or pro], 45 minutes of cleaning on weekdays, read one book a month, recommit to his diet and get to 195 lbs. I think they are all fabulous goals. Somehow, he’s turned his goals into my goals though. I’m protesting. That is BS If you ask me. I’ll go with the 45 minutes of cleaning and I already read! But TV? Hells NO! That’s why I like hobbies I can do while watching TV. So, needless to say, I need some sort of list of my own. Honestly, though, I’m a constant goal/list maker. I make lists of shit I want to accomplish all the time. I’m pretty okay with not accomplishing things too.

I’ve come up with a very simple, very small list. It encompasses most things I want to do and I’ll feel good about doing all these things. It’s a More/Less list.

More: reading, sewing, cleaning and creating

Less: eating, worrying and spending

I could go on and on about the things I want to do. January needs to be an overall organize and purge and clean and plan month. (Becky, I know you love the punctuation on some of this stuff) I feel like my life is out of control (house-wise) right now. I would like to make it more in control.

In an effort to start my new year off right, I went to Barnes and Noble and bought a couple things. Fitness Magazine, a sketch book, and this book: Making the Cut by Jillian Michaels. I’m excited to read it and get pumped to do some pumping.


My sketch book has grid paper in it, and five colored sections. That way, I can make the sections for specific things like: Home Renovation: Scrapbooking: Sewing: Crafting other things and a Random section. I’ve already sketched what I would like the view to look like from sitting on my bed. (I’m a pretty good visualizer)

Saturday I have huge plans to work on my Holiday 2008 album with Becks. I ordered 125 photos from Costco to pick up on Wednesday and I’m excited to compile the tools I’ll need to accomplish this. I might also include pictures from Ali Edwards December Daily album, which is where I got the idea. I didn’t like it only including December though, cause I felt the whole season needed to be captured.

Anyway, that’s the story morning glory. Sorry for the lack of pictures lately. I have close to 6000 pictures on my computer, and I need to archive, BADLY!


One thought on “A Peek Into My Furture: 2009

  1. Oh, we never decided where we’re going. I’m down for either place, but since we go to the one near me a lot, do you want to go to LM?

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