Wowza – I like that word

This is a semi-Thanksgiving recap slash my productivity of Tuesday night.

This is my cute husband and Papa playing guitar hero. It was my pops first time.


This is Daniel’s failure of a swirled butterscotch/chocolate pie.


Me and Marlies, one photo, that I actually am okay with. I looked like a diranged cow in the others.marlies-and-asia

On to last night’s greatness!!! I was crazy amounts of productive. So productive, someone asked if I was on crack. These are pies in jars. Glorious isn’t it? The most fantastic part is that you can put the lids on, tie it up with a bow, and wala! A great gift of homemade pie for someone to enjoy.



And these are delicious Santa Lolli’s made of chocolate for someone’s stalking. So great!lollis

All in all I did several things on Tueday: 1. Made Pie in Jars 2. Made Lolli’s 3. Made another washcloth 4. Started a scarf 5. Put up my mini Christmas tree that I bought on sale last year after Christmas for $8!!. I feel like there was more, but can’t remember, cause now it’s Saturday morning. I’m going to Urban Craft Uprising with Becky this morning. We are thrilled to be going and can’t wait until 11 AM!