The Letter Game – C

Becky, over at her blog, posted a meme a bit ago that I just caught onto. It goes like this:

Leave a comment and I’ll give you a letter. Post ten things you LOVE
that begin with that letter.  Then give a letter to anyone who leaves a
comment for you… and the cycle will continue.

So my letter was “C” – why does this only make me thing of inappropriate things??

  1. Catholicism – I find my religion very ritualistic, and comforting. Granted, I’m not a die hard by any means, but I try, and it grounds me. Of course, it’s on my mind with Christmas coming. I also love Cathedrals.
  2. Crafts – of all kinds. They are quite fun.
  3. Children, more specifically, other peoples babies.
  4. Cozy things, slippers, bath robes, blankets and the like.
  5. Crochet – It’s a nice thing to keep your hands busy while watching TV.
  6. Christmas – It’s the mostttt wonderful time. of. the. yeeeeaaaarrrr!!
  7. Corn on the cob – It’s my most favorite things to eat at an outdoor even, smothered in butter with some Johnny Seasoning
  8. Cottages – I always picture myself having on in old age. With an English garden, the kind you see in Sense and Sensibility.
  9. Cameras – All kinds, film, polaroid, automatic, digital, manual, I just like taking pictures.
  10. Carpentry – If I don’t have arthritis in my old age, I’d very much like to take up this hobby.

To make things more fun, here’s a list of C things that I don’t like.

  1. Cherubs – they are inappropriate
  2. Crust- though I eat it anyway
  3. Cancer – nough said
  4. Cannibalism – is it really necessary?
  5. Cheating
  6. Cheerleaders – damn symbols of bodies I can’t come close to.
  7. Chins, as in mine.
  8. Cigars and Cigarettes
  9. Climbing things
  10. Clowns, not cause they are scary, but because they are ugly.

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